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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Teen who doesn't know he's got a power that allows him to change a past decision. [s]

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Shazaib | 8 comments So this teen descides to climb an electric tower or something to impress people, when he slips and begins to fall, he begins to wish really hard that he never tried to impress them and how much he regrets it. Suddenly hes on the floor and all the people he tried impressing are saying things like 'what a pussy for not climbing' and hes confused, suddenly a girl from the crowd gets mad at him for using his 'ability' for such a pointless reason.

Think his names Tom! Not too sure

If you know this book thank you so much!!!

Shazaib | 8 comments Also i'm new to this so would love a little feedback

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Andy Love | 2104 comments Power of Un maybe Power Of Un

Shazaib | 8 comments Looked into it! I'm afraid it's not called 'Power Of Un'

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Andy Love | 2104 comments I'll keep looking.

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Lobstergirl | 40687 comments Mod
Shazaib wrote: "Also i'm new to this so would love a little feedback"

You included plot points in your header, so that's good. Always state when you read the book - a range of years is fine. It's also a good idea to put genre and intended age group right at the beginning of your header - e.g. "YA Fantasy" or whatever it is.

For other extremely helpful tips please read the Group Rules box at the top of the group's home page.

Shazaib | 8 comments Thanks you Andy it means alot! Been struggling to find this book for so long

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Shazaib | 8 comments Ayshe thank you so much

Shazaib | 8 comments You're a legend mate, seriously

Shazaib | 8 comments How do i make this a solved case!

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Andy Love | 2104 comments Click the edit button next to the title of your thread, and there is a drop-down list. In the drop-down, you can put the thread in the "Solved" folder (you can also edit the field that says "This thread is about this book").

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