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The Bent-Back Bridge (After Dark, #1)
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Benjamin Clark | 2 comments Hello!

I'm at my wit's end and starting to doubt my memory.

When I was a young kid (15-20 years ago) in Australia I recall renting books from our local library. The records are long gone as are the books.

I read a lot of Fear Street and Goosebumps but there was a series I liked there were multiple volumes but the thing I recall is this very thin short stories - maybe 20 pages or so (good for a short car trip) but there were a lot of them.

They were individual volumes and had dark colourless covers mostly black and white from memory.

I can't recall any of the stories except one, and all I recall is a bully cutting the eye out of a crab to torment a thin weedy kid he hated that lived nearby

I believe they were lightly illustrated but not highly detailed.

If ANYONE recalls this please post as I'll recognise a cover right away.

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Alexis (Nidhogg) | 43 comments Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark or any of the other anthologies by Alvin Schwartz?

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Ayshe | 4327 comments The After Dark series maybe?

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Benjamin Clark | 2 comments After Dark it was!

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