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Eden Wakes (Eden Factions, #1)
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Title: Eden Wakes
Author: C. S. Harte
Genre: YA Fantasy
Pages Count: 334
Formats Available: MOBI
Review Due Date: May 31

Book Description: Journey into a world that shouldn't exist, where illusion teeters on the edge of reality. Deep down you always knew magic was real. 16-year-old Kayla is trying to survive the Texas foster system. Junior year of high school shows promise when she befriends the popular, rich girl, Izzy. And when her foster brother, Tommy, becomes less brother and more love interest.

But that's when things start going wrong. In an instant, her reality vanishes, replaced with a new world where dragons, ice spiders, sea serpents, and samurais exist at the whims of mysterious strangers. They offer her an unfortunate truth about herself and her mother in return for her unique, emerging "talents." Can Kayla trust them? Will she ever make it back to her previous life? Eden Wakes is the introductory novel of the Eden Factions series, a tightly-paced, suspenseful, fantasy adventure set in a world where the boundaries of magic do not exist.

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1. Natalie
2. Jessica
3. Christina

4. Amy Leigh
5. Mallory
6. Alaina

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Natalie (nem02)

Jessa (superjessa) | 56 comments

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Sent you both an email!

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Natalie (nem02) Recieved the second book Eden Villians?

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Natalie wrote: "Recieved the second book Eden Villians?"

I'll have to check with the author about that and get back to you.

Christina Weigand (chris_weigand) | 41 comments

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Mallory A. Haws

Thank you!
And Amazon and blog: https://intotheabyssreviews.blogspot....

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I'll get back with everyone after I hear back from the author!

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Sent everyone an email...Sorry for the delay!

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Natalie (nem02) Sorry I can’t finish this one.

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Natalie wrote: "Sorry I can’t finish this one."

Thanks for letting me know Natalie

Alaina (ameserole) | 49 comments I would like to join!! - mobi please!!

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Sent you an email Alaina

Jessa (superjessa) | 56 comments My review on goodreads:

Is it okay to write a review for another website that isn’t my personal blog?
Thank you.

Alaina (ameserole) | 49 comments I hope this link works since I’m on my phone. If not I’ll add it in the morning. Here’s my review:

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