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S.M. McCoy (steviemccoy) | 4 comments Hi GROUP!

We have not had an active Monthly Read in this group for a long time, so I am trying to get the ball rolling and bring some life back into the group read thread.

Here's the idea:

Please add a nomination for a book you think we should all read, or a book you've been putting off reading but want to read and the group experience will give you the motivation to complete the challenge.

Then we can add a poll to find the top pick and that will be our group read for the month. Please continue to add books to this topic and then from this topic the picks will be garnered then a poll in a separate top for the month will be created so that people can discuss the chosen book?

What do you say?!!! Let's READ TOGETHER! (insert picture of Brave Heart)

Let's go, please keep the recommended reads to the group category of Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy. And yes, it's okay to add you're own book to the thread... but only if you add TWO MORE to the thread that aren't yours. ^_^ Thank you

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S.M. McCoy (steviemccoy) | 4 comments Under Different Stars



Hers To Save Complete Series

Here are my picks. What are yours? Please also be sure to comment on other people's picks so I can pick top five for a polling later.

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