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The Droughtlanders (Triskelia, #1)
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Gated society in desert; Twin Protagonists 1 BRo raises army. Spoilers ahead. [s]

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Biah Stalkerella | 43 comments I believe I read the book in 2013.

2 twin brothers were raised by their kind mother and strict military style father. I can’t remmeber if story was set in Fantasy world or post apocalyptic conditions, but the setting is in a desert. Gated community the boys are raised in is for the Elites and full of luxury, water and resources are plentiful.

One twin who I believe is named Elias is cowardly and kind and favoured his mother while fearing his father and brother. His brother admires the father is ruthless. The mother died earlier in setting I believe, but for reasons I can’t remember Elias runs away from the gated community and almost dies bc the world outside their elite society is one of an impoverished desert although poor people do live there and barely survive.

The ruthless twin joins the army because he wants to follow in his father’s footsteps but is slowly awakened to the ugly nature of their society as the army “raids” went from first being welcomed by villages outside of the walls by being served by beautiful village women, to eventually raiding impoverished villages where the women are raped despite already being starved and dying. He voices his dissent which pisses off his squad leader who decides to give him his wish to “quit” by gifting him one last village woman. THe lady is gorgeous and doesn’t mind that the aggravated twin has rough intercourse with her as she pities him because she has a kind of disease the community outside of the walls suffers from. One that leaves him scarred from breakouts on his face and body and near dying in that village after the army abdandons him there.

He is nursed back to health by a villager girl there named Rosalina or Rosaline or Roze or you know something like that.

Cowardly twin Elias joins rebels, ruthless twin starts an army of impoverished boys who become fiercely loyal to him as he provides them with food (by organizing them into groups and having them scavenge)

Elias has big plans to rebel against the Elite gated community they grew up in but is pathetic and all talk/no power as usual and tries to enlist his twin’s army. He finally gets twin’s army which results in the death of many of the boys in the army but I forget to what result.

End of the book they learn they aren’t twins, they were triplets and meet their sister who was whisked away at birth.

Please let me know if you find this book title thanks that’s all I can remmeber.

message 2: by Lobstergirl, au gratin (new)

Lobstergirl | 40686 comments Mod
Biah is still looking for this and writes:

"One brother is soft like his mother and gentle and his name started with the letter E possibly Ellie or Elliot

Their mother has long passed away.

while the other brother is rigid and and bullies gentle twin and looks up to their father who’s in the military. This brothers name is possibly Sean or just starts with letter S I’m bad at remembering names.

One day Ellie runs away from home, I forget for what reason but he ends up joining a circus that also doubles as a resistance group that doesn’t like the hierarchy of this fantasy world.

(Poor people outside of walled society are starving and diseased, rich people stay behind walls and hoard the water and healthcare)

Sean joins the army like his father once did, and is at first happy to be marching outside the walls, but the further the troops wander from the walls and the worse the conditions of the villages they raid, he becomes disillusioned by the glamour of being a part of the “army” that is basically raping and raiding the vulnerable.

Eventually Sean shows disagreement with his troop leader which hurts the troop leaders fragile pride enough to plot to give Sean a “parting gift” of a beautiful woman before Sean quits the army. Unknown to Sean (which might not be his name I’m sorry) the girl is diseased. Sean contracts the disease and is left in the village to die by his troop while his troop leave.

The other villagers disgusted by Sean for being a part of the army don’t touch him and essentially leave him to die too but a girl named Rosa feels sympathetic and tends to him while he’s ill and he survives the illness, albeit permanently scarring his face and body from the after effects.

Sean sees there are many young able bodied kids and decides to build his own following of young men. He aspires to incite fear and respect like the respect and fear he felt towards his father as a child even though his father never hit him or acted violently in comparison to the troop leader who could only command “respect” by threats.

Promising to feed and clothe any young man who follows him, Sean attracts some young boys, who he sets up with another to be “partners” but essentially each partnership means that one boy is in charge of another to keep each other from acting out of turn.

He recruits the boys to gather resources, build shelters, and distributes food, and then goes on to teach them how to handle weapons.

At first just there for resources, the boys eventually adjust to this lifestyle and brotherhood and become grateful and respectful of Sean.

Come Elliot the second twin, and hearing that Sean has an army he wants to recruit the army’s help in hatching a plan against the walled city.

Elliot thinks he’s no longer the weaker twin as being in the circus has given him a strong body with good balance and is proud when he sees Sean’s face ruined by the disease he survived through, but is instantly humiliated when he tries to point this out as Sean who is still strong of mind and agile despite his weakened body beats Elliot down.

Sean eventually agrees as Elliot believes his resistance circus has a foolproof plan, but this plan costs Sean’s army a lot and he loses many troops due to a glitch in their plan and Sean is infuriated.

Towards the end of the book they meet a girl and Sean is immediately horrified and upset that Elliot has been keeping her from him. The girl is their triplet who they didn’t know existed because their mom had her taken away at birth and only presented the male twins to their father. She looks like their mum."

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Kris | 36622 comments Mod
The Droughtlanders by Carrie Mac seems to match your description.

Google search -- site:www.goodreads.com post-apocalyptic "twin brothers" army starving

Biah Stalkerella | 43 comments Super! Thanks!! LOL Sean and Elliot turned out to actually be Seth and Eli

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