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One Day We'll All Be Dead and None of This Will Matter

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Good morning! Thank you for joining in on this month’s online book club discussion. My name is Marcella, and this month we will be reading One Day We’ll All Be Dead and None of This Will Matter by Scaachi Koul.

This book is available from the Library in several different formats, which are accessible at the following link:

This book is both laugh-out-loud funny and intensely sobering as Scaachi reflects on both the humourous and frustrating experiences growing up as a woman of colour in Canada.

I'm looking forward to discussing this book with you, and to reading your thoughts and opinions about the issues addressed in this book!

Valerie Brown I just started this book. (I had others to read first). Anyhow, I am really enjoying it so far; I've read the first two essays. I really like her style and am glad you chose this book!

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Hi Valerie,

Thanks so much for reading our pick for this month and it's great that you're enjoying it so far! There's definitely a great balance between sobering perspectives and laugh out loud anecdotes!


Valerie Brown Well, as another group member mentioned - this is a quick read. I am finished now, and I really enjoyed it. The book I read just before this was one that I wasn't that enthused about, so it was nice to read a book that I looked forward to sit down with again.

Even though I am quite a bit older than Koul, and a white woman this collection of essays really spoke to me. I like her strong, individualistic voice (kind of 'damn the torpedoes' style). She writes bravely, insightfully and with a lot of humor.

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I agree with you Valerie, this book was a very easy read - a great pick for a day at the beach! As with all writers, sometimes it takes a while to get used to their "voice" and discover their personality in their writing. I always find once I've established that, it's a lot easier to read the book with a higher degree of understanding!

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