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The Light Tamer (The Light Tamer, #1)
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Main Girl has powers and meets Guy who her soulmate after incident in her childhood_YA Fantasy Paranormal(?)

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Jay (jadabo) | 39 comments The main girl is around sixteen when the books starts. School is out She start having weird things happen to her with light. She's told that her parents friends who she's known all her life is I think moving back to town(?) and their son is her age. She remembers him and doesn't look forward to meeting again because when they were little she remembers him as gross a sweaty kid that followed her around all the time.

She thinks he's going to be a shy/awkward guy. Turns out he's not, this guy who to my fuzzy knowledge named stated with a 'C' or 'A'(might be different) is actually hot. He's kinda mysterious. He reveals that their soulmates and have a connection that he feels all the time. He can hear her thoughts and sense when she's there. He lives in a fancy house.

I don't know exactly but they have powers related to Light they control somehow, and there was a scene where she was emotional and and light blew out. There was something about about them interacting with a teacher or librarian a lot. She doesn't believe him at first. But they kinda get together I don't' know since unfortunately I didn't get to finish. She lived in a apartment.

The title kinda as related to their powers. There was some blue in it. It was and ebook I think on amazon kindle. I read in 2016-15. The setting was modern and on the West Coast of the US in almost one of those everyone knows everyone places. It was very warm place if that helpful

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Jay (jadabo) | 39 comments Found it! It was The Light Tamer

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