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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Sci-fi/xeno YA about a human girl crashlanding on an alien planet and being adopted by a lobster/amphibian-like alien. [s]

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West Anderson | 3 comments sci-fi/xeno YA novel when i was in about the sixth grade (1990s), told in alternating POV chapters (iirc) where one POV was a teen human girl from a generation ship (or something similar) who had run away and unexpectedly crash-landed on an alien world

and the other POV was a “teen” “girl” who was a native of that planet, and a sort of lobster-like, but also amphibian-person-like, giant alien

alien girl did not understand human girl, and initially only wanted to keep her as a pet, which she was able to do because she was bigger and stronger than all of the other alien teens, and theirs was a warlike and matriarchal tribal society, so she was much respected and deferred to among her cohort. she thought human girl was shedding an old skin when she took her spacesuit off, but was confounded when she got smaller instead of bigger. she also thought human girl must be a male for a long time, on account of how small and puny she was.

eventually i think they established some kind of psychic bond and did action-adventure stuff together, before human girl was discovered by her people and returned to her home.

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West Anderson | 3 comments Also might have read it in early 2000s. Late 90s to early 00s. Not later than 2007 for sure.

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West Anderson | 3 comments I think so! I’ll have to read it again to be sure, but now I have a book to try! Thank you. This can get marked solved.

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Rainbowheart | 21140 comments Awesome, glad to help!

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