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Sweetly (Fairytale Retellings, #2)
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > looking for the title of a book about Hansel and Gretel killing the sister of the witch [s]

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message 1: by Candice (new)

Candice Palmer | 3 comments so i bought the book at a book fair back in 2004,read it and could never find it again. The book centered around two children who were in some way related to Hansel and Gretel (grandchildren or niece/nephew)they meet the real Hansel and are talked into going after the witch's sister who is the last living evil witch in existence. they find treasure and steal a relic from the witches castle. the ending if i remember correctly was a cliff hanger, the little boy falls off the escape boat and disappears with the relic. that is seriously all i can remember it was in the reading age group for 12 year old so I guess it would fall under teen reads or young fiction. thank you for any help

message 2: by Michele (new)

Michele | 2231 comments Would you say this was YA or more aimed at adults? Do you have a sense of whether it was a new book at the time you read it or older? Since it was a cliffhanger ending, do you know if it had a sequel? Anything about the cover?

message 3: by Holly (new)

Holly (hollylovesbooks) | 761 comments Any of the books on this list? https://www.goodreads.com/list/show/4...

message 4: by Candice (new)

Candice Palmer | 3 comments It was a young adult book for sure, I bought it in middle school. There was no sequel, which was the reason the book bummed me out a bit. I think it was only one book in a series of "re-imagined" fairytales. I know ages ago i thought i found out the title but then lost the link. I looked through the list, sadly no it was not on there. For some reason, I believe the author was a man. and sorry my email has been whacky just got those answers today yikes.

message 5: by Melanti (last edited Oct 02, 2014 02:38PM) (new)

Melanti | 333 comments How about anything on this page?

This book in particular looks like a possiblity:
The Eye of the Warlock

message 7: by Candice (new)

Candice Palmer | 3 comments Thank you, you have seriously made my entire month,heck my year! I have been searching for this book for ages you got it on the nose, saw the cover art and new it in a heartbeat. going to go order a copy, thank you so much.

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