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plot problem?
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I just reread this mystery, first read it 20+ years ago. Enjoyed it but I am wondering if Dame Agatha made a mistake or did I miss something?


Early in the book Poirot believes that someone has taken a shot at a young lady. He finds the bullet on the ground, there is a hole in her hat and they both heard the buzz of a wasp which Poirot believes was really the bullet in question. Later on it is revealed that the entire thing was faked by the young woman. But, how she did it is never explained! Did I miss something? It doesnt seem that it would not be a simple thing to fake.

Any help out there?

My take on it was that Nick fired a hole through the hat from the garden below and the bullet landed next to Poirot and Hastings on the terrace above. I reread this part carefully cause it seemed a bit off to me too. Poirot notices a "pebble" fall to the ground next to them, but when he picks it up, his face becomes troubled. It is the bullet. Later, when Hastings inquires why they didn't hear the gun, Poirot says they wouldn't have heard it with the noise of the speedboats in the ocean. It's all there, but it is a little confusing.

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