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Sisters of Misery (Sisters of Misery, #1)
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. YA paranormal novel read mid-2000s (no later than early 2008) about teen witches in New England. [s]

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maddie (thenmaddieread) (thenmaddieread) The book starts with a mysterious ritual on an island in New Englandc. A teenage girl might drown, or is supposed to die but doesn't. A teenage girl returns to her family's town in New England. She has a beautiful red headed cousin who is wealthier than her. The cousin's name might be Cordelia, and the MC's name might be Madeline/Madeleine. It's at least a duology -- runes feature heavily in the second book, and are on the cover, I think. Magic/magical abilities have been a part of their family history for a long time.

There's an abandoned stone building in the forest, I think an asylum but maybe a hospital. I think it's named something like Blackthorne or Blackhill. There's a bad boy love interest for someone. (view spoiler)

maddie (thenmaddieread) (thenmaddieread) YES! Thank you!

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