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Always and Forever, Lara Jean (To All the Boys I've Loved Before, #3)
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Lisamarie Landreth (paperandglam) | 237 comments Mod
Happy April, Glam Readers!

This month I am soo excited to revisit first love and wrap up Lara Jean's story in Always & Forever, Lara Jean.

If I had to pick a best. ever. Paper & Glam Book Club selection, Jenny Han's To All The Boys I Loved Before would be it.

While I'm sure the final installment in the trilogy can stand on its own, I can't recommend the first two books highly enough.

If you'd like to read, re-read To All The Boys I've Loved Before, you can watch the live chat from 2016 here:

Can't wait to hear your thoughts on one of my all-time favorites!

Happy reading,

Sarah Piper (hope5980) | 22 comments I cannot wait to read this!! Loved the first two books so much!!

message 3: by Ali (new) - rated it 5 stars

Ali Allen | 3 comments I got a head start and read it in a day (oops)
I loved the first two books, I also read them back to back in March, but this one is my favorite.
It had a little less "contemporary day to day", which I usually really enjoy but the story was so great and nostalgic and touching it soared above the rest!

Love, J (jennem) | 52 comments I read the series already. You all are in for a sweet treat. Such a cute book.

Marisa (mickeymisa) | 17 comments I had to read the other two prior to us starting this one. And like the other two I read this in about five days. It was a delightful series.

message 6: by xoRenéeDiggs (last edited Apr 05, 2018 12:12PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

xoRenéeDiggs (xoreneediggs) | 2 comments I had to read the first two books in the trilogy in order to catch up and am glad that I did because I think they contributed to a much more comprehensive understanding of Lara Jean and her characterization.

Out of the three, I enjoyed Always & Forever, Lara Jean the most because Lara Jean matured into a much more multi-dimensional character who was managing a bit more "real world" drama, but it's not a book I'd jump to recommend. I enjoyed the read in that it kept me entertained and interested, but I'm sure I'd have enjoyed the book(s) more as a teenager. A lot of the book (and Lara Jean's experiences) were nostalgic and made me reminisce about my own adolescent years (there were plenty events that made me, if you will, feel warm and gooey inside), but my overall description of the book would be "cute" and "sweet" with a hint of depth that stemmed from the emotional decisions and conflicts Lara Jean contemplated (as describes most teenage love stories).

Lara Jean aside, I think Jenny Han did a great job developing all of the characters and their ties to one another. And, despite me being a sucker for love, I, right along with Lara Jean, felt conflicted about her big decision. But, I'm glad that she made the decision that she did and thought it was a great way to conclude the trilogy. I do have to admit, although I wasn't super crazy about the story line, I'd feel compelled to read any next addition to the series.

Heidi I read the first two books last weekend! They are such light and easy reads that make me nostalgic for high school and young love! Can’t wait to start the final book!

Maureen Callaghan | 7 comments Heidi wrote: "I read the first two books last weekend! They are such light and easy reads that make me nostalgic for high school and young love! Can’t wait to start the final book!"

Taylor - you aren't alone. I find the whole series cute but it's definitely not a favourite, and I haven't understood all the hype around it. Having said that, I always enjoy having a light, easy read at this point in the year.

Sarah Rhea | 1 comments Finished book 3 today. While the storyline wasn't the most complex, I have to say it stirred up some feelings. Probably sounds silly, but I could see some of my HS self in Lara Jean, especially the secret love letters that started it all. This is probably a series I would have never picked up, and actually had passed over in stores, without book club but I am happy I read it. There were points where I could actually remember and felt like I was back in my own high school halls. Overall, her HS experience was vastly different from mine but I still couldn't help being transported back to that time. Content: 3/5 stars, 5/5 stars, though, for the emotional impact. I can't quite explain it.

Lisamarie Landreth (paperandglam) | 237 comments Mod

Girlfriends, the Erin Condren Life Planner Release Party is scheduled for tomorrow evening, falling right on top of our monthly book chat.

In previous years, the party was a lunch and I just noticed it's now a dinner. Yikes! My apologies for the late notice. I wouldn't reschedule our monthly book chat for anything less than the annual Life Planner Launch! I know this group of planners can relate. <3

We'll see you next Thursday, May 3rd on the Paper & Glam Book Club Channel @ 6 PM PST/9 PM EST.

Looking forward to reliving the Lara Jean story with you next week!

Deanna Bailey (deannabailey) | 8 comments I gave the book three stars. I thought the book was cute and I enjoyed the way it closed the series. YA romance novels are not really my thing (I'm a mystery thriller type of gal) but I appreciated the story line and it did make me want to continue to keep reading until the very end.

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