Into the Wild (Warriors, #1) Into the Wild question

When you want to get back into them and there are 40 new books?
Bambi Bambi Mar 29, 2018 05:35AM
Hey guys, I stopped reading these when the Power of Three was on its way out, and I really want to get back into them. I finished Into the Wild today, and I just wanted to ask, is there any point in me carrying on with The Prophecies Begin, or should I really be going chronologically, starting from the prequels and all the novellas?

I think you should start with The Prophecies begin. Even though the prequels come before the first series chronologically, they were published after, and so there are references to the first series and some later books within them. This is epesically true in the first part of Dawn of the Clans. Hope this helps!

Bambi Thank you Shelby! I will do just that :) But in that case, when should I head back for Dawn of the Clans? After the Power of Three? Omen of Stars? etc
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