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Lyn (Readinghearts) (lsmeadows) | 2827 comments Mod
Our shelf for April is going to be Wishlist, as in I wish I had gotten this thread up earlier....

I always have a large number of books on my wishlist and it is fun to see what other people are wishing for. Plus it should be a shefl with a lot of variety since we are on short notice. Have fun with the list!

message 2: by Jamie (last edited Mar 28, 2018 01:51PM) (new)

message 3: by CluckingBell (new)

CluckingBell | 327 comments I'll probably read something coming up for my IRL book club, like City.

message 4: by Idit (new)

Idit I will probably read Fahrenheit 451

I have started it last month as an audiobook, but really really disliked the delivery. so I stopped before I would hate the book.

It was read by Tim Robbins - which I liked in few movies, but he feels very flippant about it. especially the way he read the women is super annoying

so anyways - I will read it instead this month with my eyes instead

message 5: by Robin (new)

Robin A I'm going to try All the Light We Cannot See

message 6: by Lena (new)

Lena (lenaw) | 24 comments I'll read I'll Give You the Sun - it is on my mind for a while and this is a good opportunity to finally start it.

message 7: by Susan (new)

Susan | 3451 comments Mod
I'm thinking about one of these
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy}386162
An Ember in the Ashes

HOWEVER ... I just started Shantaram, so whether I'll get to anything else before April is over is anyone's guess. Why do I do this to myself?!

message 8: by Rosemary (new)

Rosemary | 849 comments This is a great idea for a shelf! I will read The Things They Carried which is also one of my Bookopoly picks for my next move :)

Also possible: Freedom

message 9: by Bhagyashri (new)

Bhagyashri CV (bhagyashricv) | 3 comments I have my exams, so i have time to read only one. I think i'm going to start Different Seasons or finish I Capture the Castle or start The Book Thief
Any suggestions on which one to do first? :)

message 10: by Amanda (last edited Mar 29, 2018 04:25PM) (new)

Amanda (amandaes09) | 3 comments All the Light We Cannot See
Witches of New York
The Guernsy Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

message 11: by Bea (new)

Bea | 4658 comments Mod
I am still behind on my Monthly shelf reading, so I will only plan one book for April: Salt to the Sea.

message 12: by Marina (new)

Marina (sonnenbarke) | 1400 comments Bhagyashri wrote: "I have my exams, so i have time to read only one. I think i'm going to start Different Seasons or finish I Capture the Castle or start The Book Thief
Any sugg..."

I haven't read Different Seasons, but I've read both I Capture the Castle (which I found good, though nothing special) and The Book Thief. I loved the latter and gave it 5 stars, so I would definitely recommend it!

message 13: by Marina (new)

Marina (sonnenbarke) | 1400 comments I noticed that I have quite a few in my wishlist as well - that's interesting!

I think I will read Vanity Fair, which I have planned for a group read in another group, although I'm a bit unsure I'll be able to finish it before the end of the month. I will also see if the other books I'll read fit in.

message 14: by Tyra (new)

Tyra | 15 comments I'll read Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere in April. Last year I read Stardust and was positively surprised, I've been searching for something else by Gaiman and figured this could be a good choice

message 15: by Cindy (new)

Cindy Marina wrote: "Bhagyashri wrote: "I have my exams, so i have time to read only one. I think i'm going to start Different Seasons or finish I Capture the Castle or start The Book Th..."</i>

LOVE[book:The Book Thief

message 16: by Christina (new)

Christina Byrne (cmbyrne87) | 160 comments Going to try and read The Shining for this one.

message 17: by Paige (new)

Paige (iampaigeb) | 79 comments This month I plan to read Mr Mercedes and/or Letters To The Lost. As well I plan to finish Alexander Hamilton which has been on my wishlist since 2017 and have been reading since January

message 18: by Karin (new)

Karin | 801 comments Well, as it is on there 46 times, it's sitting at our house and I'm reading it for a different challenge, it's hands down going to be UnDivided

message 19: by Tamara (last edited Apr 02, 2018 02:31PM) (new)

Tamara | 10 comments I'll read Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children, #1) by Ransom Riggs so it will count towards my oldest books on the to be read challenge too.

message 20: by Marina (new)

Marina (sonnenbarke) | 1400 comments Christina wrote: "Going to try and read The Shining for this one."

I loved it!

message 21: by Joyce (new)

Joyce (eternity21) | 600 comments I have quite a few books on my TBR in this list

I will read Half-Blood and
A Short History of Nearly Everything I enjoyed Bill Bryson's other books so this should be interesting.

message 22: by Paige (new)

Paige (iampaigeb) | 79 comments Finished Harry Potter And the Philosopher Stone. Now I hope to read The Shining or Letters To The Lost next.

message 23: by Jamie (new)

Jamie Zaccaria | 92 comments I rarely give up on books but I had to stop reading Between Shades of Gray. Between the Young Adult simplified writing style to the awful narration on the audiobook, I just couldn't do it. But I'll watch the movie when it comes out because I'm still interested in the story,

message 24: by Muyina (new)

Muyina Fail-Safe, just because it's been getting dust on my bookshelf for too long.

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