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Lords of the Middle Dark (Rings of the Master, #1)
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Lords of the Middle Dark: 80s or 90s SF where AI has forced most humans to live in primitive communities [s]

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Amber | 6 comments I think this book was probably published 80s or later - I probably read it in the 90s. A super-powerful AI with the directive to protect humans has decided that the best way to protect humans is to remove them from power, and it seized control of everything. The vast majority of people now live in artificial primitive/tribal communities modeled on the history of their geographic regions. All of North America lives Native -American-style, Japan is modeled on feudal Japan, and so on. And most ordinary people have no knowledge that there is anything else.

My memories of the plot are super vague, but I think it begins when the protagonist, living in the North American zone, sees a plane fly over and has no idea what it is. He eventually finds out that there is a hidden high-technology world in which a small percentage of humanity lives, having been tasked by the AI with maintaining this whole system.

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Artemis | 18 comments I think I remember this book! Lords of the Middle Dark?
Lords of the Middle Dark (Rings of the Master, #1) by Jack L. Chalker

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My thoughts too Artemis. Except that the MC in Lords of the Middle Dark already knew about the secret sub sect of humans who live in a more technological world. However, except for that one difference, Amber is definitely describing the series Rings of the Master of which Lords of the Middle Dark is the first book. I did enjoy this series a great deal when I read it back then.

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Amber | 6 comments That title and cover don't ring a bell, but I think that must be it. Thank you! Thank you!! Thank You!!! Y'all are incredible!

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Popular title. Requested 4x now.

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