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Savanna Nicole Savanna Mar 22, 2018 05:37PM
Macaroni and cheese. Full meal or a side dish?

Main course, with a side of green beans! :)

It could be either but I prefer it as a full meal.

Side dish, but I've done the main meal before

Full meal.

Main course, but I've eaten it as a stand alone.

Haha side dish

Ummm.... full meal? That's what I've always done. At least a main dish, because I usually have something on the side as well. Surprisingly, you can get a lot of your daily vitamins and minerals from macaroni!

I'd say side dish, but I can have it as a full meal if I'm hungry enough and there isn't anything to have as a main course. I am guilty of adding breadcrumbs though. THAT CRUNCH!

To be honest I have never tried it so I'm not sure if my answer counts :D But I would say a side dish, doesn't sound like a proper meal to me!

Full meal. It's so filling!

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