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The Witches of Eileanan (The Witches of Eileanan, #1)
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Book about a witch and dragons. [s]

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Danny | 3 comments Hi all,

I cannot recall the name of a series of books, but I remember reading them a while back. The story starts with a young teenage girl who has witch like powers and lives in a closed off vale with an older mentor witch woman. I remember that at some point she leaves the vale because she performs some magical power stuff and a magical capturing entity finds them; the entity shares some sort of hive mind and is trying to capture the older mentor witch. Along the way she find some dragons atop a mountain and eventually finds her mother, who also has magical powers and can fly, but turns out to be mad because an evil wizard of sorts turned her husband, the girls father, into a stallion; unknowingly to both of them.

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Lobstergirl | 39848 comments Mod
When did you read the series?
Author female or male?

Danny | 3 comments Hi lobster girl. I read the series sometime maybe in 2016. I can’t recall the author’s name either. I recall that I came across the series of books from a suggested pick after finishing Raymond E Feist’s Riftwar Saga which main character is also a male wizard of sorts.

Autumn Francia | 66 comments this is definitely without doubt The Witches of Eileanan The Witches of Eileanan (The Witches of Eileanan, #1) by Kate Forsyth i also noted this on another page... have you asked this question before?

Danny | 3 comments That is it!! Thank you!!!!

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Autumn Francia | 66 comments spoilers!!
basically; isabeau; lives with mentor older witch lady 'meghan' and she is a witch but witches are banned throughout the country. not far into the book, they are found in their magical and hidden valley where she has lived all her life, and separated. meghan goes to see the dragons and finds isabeau has a twin, iseult (khan'derran') who grew up with the clans on the mountain and with the dragons. the mother is a flying witch, and yeah, the dad, is a red horse until very much later in the series. there are 6 books to this and they basically are trying to overthrow the evil banrigh. thank you to kate forsyth for one of my favorite ever series.

there is a spinnoff series too: The Heart of Stars (Rhiannon's Ride #3) by Kate Forsyth The Shining City (Rhiannon's Ride #2) by Kate Forsyth The Tower of Ravens by Kate Forsyth

Autumn Francia | 66 comments Here, this is the same thing i think. https://www.goodreads.com/topic/show/...

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