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Shawneshoo Eshoo Shawneshoo Mar 18, 2018 07:15AM
This book was left incomplete. Don’t you think it’s to add a sequel? I feel like it shouldn’t have ended with “to be continued”

At first I felt the same way, but then again, I kind of like the way it ended. I think all of the characters are going to end up ok, and where they need to be. The fire ruined things, but it also made room for more things to grow.

Cassie I agree! I would be surprised if there was a sequel.
Mar 24, 2018 07:32PM · flag

A really good read. Lots of irony in life choices and Ng really reflects this in her story. A must read!

I didn't get a 'to be continued' vibe at all from this ending. There definitely were parts to it that kept you wondering; e.g will Izzy ever be found?
I thought it was completely necessary though and kept you thinking about the characters after the book ended.

I liked the way it ended, how it came full circle. There was drastic change in my thoughts surrounding the characters from beginning to end and it was really effective to see that scene play out again.

As for a sequel, I don't see it happening, unless Ng wants to do a "Go Set a Watchman" type thing. Same characters and setting but many years later, with a new theme. That said, I didn't particularly like Go Set a Watchman, and would be wary of a sequel to Little Fires Everywhere.

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