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message 1: by Marco (new)

Marco (zennaro) | 4 comments Hello, I LOVE the goodreads API, and I love that you implemented re-reads. My question now is: why the rereads are NOT returned by the API? When I retrieve all the books on my shelf using the LIST API, I only get the FIRST date I read the book (I also get the # of times I read it, but not the dates).
Any plan to return ALL the reading dates instead? Thanks!

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message 2: by Mike (new)

Mike Greene | 5 comments +1 - This is the primary reason I don't use the Good Reads API. Since I re-read books frequently, this is a show-stopper for me. I don't really use GoodReads much for that reason. I keep reading this forum, just in case, though.

Unfortunately, the API hasn't had any features added in many, many years, so I wouldn't hold my breath. Who knows, maybe they'll prove me wrong.

I did post in the to-do-list post asking for this feature May 12, 2008 01:05PM.

It hasn't quite been 10 years yet. Maybe you'll get lucky.

message 3: by Marco (new)

Marco (zennaro) | 4 comments Well, it was difficult to implement before their back-end could support it. Now goodreads does support re-reads, the API does return the entry multiple times (one for each year I read it), but the data associated to it is always the first one. I hope they will fix the returned data... it's ALMOST perfect now... So close!

message 4: by Jenna (new)

Jenna Miller | 2 comments Hey! Are you still able to get the date read from the list API? I'm fetching the books and was most interested in getting the dates, but I'm not seeing them now.

Would love to hear about any workarounds.

message 5: by Marco (new)

Marco (zennaro) | 4 comments I only get the first date of read even if I get the same entry multiple times. so if I read a book three times I get three results, all with the first date. :-(

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