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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Sci-fi, middle/elementary school, Book series, young boy gets a new job at a futuristic company that controls time and more. Spoiler ahead.

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Murron | 3 comments It starts out with a young boy finding a brochure in shop for a new job, to access this job he must jump through a doorway. It takes place in modern society but his job deals with future like technology, i believe they control thing like time and i distinctly remember a time train in the last book. This book series came out prior to 2012 as I read it in fifth grade. I remember that one of the books in the series skipped chapter 13 due to it being bad luck. These books had lots of footnotes that gave interesting notes about the company he worked for.


I believe that at the end of the last book the main character must stop a time train but gets stuck on top and must use a makeshift parachute to jump off the moving train. I believe he dies but I may be wrong.

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Murron | 3 comments The Glitch in Sleep I found the book!

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