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Lana  (Bibliomedico) (bibliomedico) | 47 comments Mod
The Discussion of the chapters from 11 to 20 ...
Also ,(Spoilers Alert )....

Aisyah Maulidina (aisyahmldn) | 3 comments Just reached chapter 20 a couple of hour ago and I love it even more. Full of plot twist and it keeps made me amaze and love Isabelle more and more. Off to the next chapter very soon!

Lana  (Bibliomedico) (bibliomedico) | 47 comments Mod
I love how the author describes the war from two points of view, the one who is suffering, and the other who is resisting , Isabelle is so brave but Vienne too, she is brave in another way, sacrificing every thing for her daughter and that's how all parents defend their love in the time of need.

BMAD_addicts | 7 comments I feel so broken reading this chapters. Vianne is giving up so much for the sake of sophie and she's trying to hang on despite the crisis of the war around her; this is a love of a mother and the survival insticts of a person just trying to get by each day. Isabelle is so brave and (view spoiler) (contains spoiler from chapter 18 - 20)
Kristin Hannah keeps me hooked on , even though i've been so busy for this past few days i can't stop thinking about this book! Moving on the the next chapters now

message 5: by Amanda (new)

Amanda (writewhereiread) | 6 comments I'm one chapter eighteen, but it's around this part that kind of grabs me. What really gets me is Vianne and Isabelle's father!! Good lord! The man sure grew cold when his wife died. And working for the Nazis! I know you have to survive, but the way he treats his daughters...just I have no words.

message 6: by Amanda (new)

Amanda (writewhereiread) | 6 comments I'm happy to see that Vianne and Isabelle's dad is 'not working' for the Nazis. I do like this book, but I'm afraid I will not finish it in time for the deadline. I'm glad I was able to have the motivation to start this book however. I will have it finished by the end of the month.

Rianne (bouquetofbooks) | 6 comments I serious adore Isabelle, at first I wasn't sure if she was going to be able to make that much of an impact working with the resistance because of her attitude and how she acted on impulse. I think Levy was finally the one to put her in her place and let her know that she cannot act that way if she wants to help. After that moment was when Isabelle matured that extra little bit to be able to be the woman they needed. When Gaetan entered the room I was shocked (ish) I figured he would be returning, but I didn't expect it to happen like that. And when her Dad started telling her that he knew about the airman and her affiliation with Levy, I was nervous but when he revealed he was helping the resistance himself, I was relieved! I cannot believe she made it across those mountains! What endurance and strength she has, she really is so inspiring! When she was able to send “The Nightingale has sung” message my heart just burst with happiness for her!

I feel so bad Vianne… going through the horrible winter, putting Sofies needs before her own, and losing her job!!! When the Gestapo fired her at work I was terrified for her. I am happy Vianne and Sophie made it through the spring. I am torn between still hating Captain Beck and loving him for it is clear to see he really does care about Vianne and Sophie. Beck helps them so much and it shows humanity, even in the enemy soldiers, and I love that Kristin Hannah brought that element into the story.

Amera (artimies) | 3 comments I’m starting ch 24 once my iPad is charged 😂😂.

I’m loving every page so far .. I never liked Isabelle attitude , that she was sometimes judgmental .. but she has grown so much after she met mr. Levy .. her father still resisting was a happy little surprise for me .. I love Vianne .. she is brave in her own way . Doing everything to keep Sophie safe .. I love her and I understand her..
and I like Beck . I am glad that the author gave his character such depth and didn’t make him an ideal evil Nazi

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