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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. YA Fantasy Twins Separated by Time Travel [s]

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RavenclawBookWorm (hpbookworm) So the book I'm looking for I think is YA Fantasy.
I maybe read it in high school so around 1999 or later.

A Teen possibly from the future finds an old diary somewhere (the attic maybe) anyway she starts reading it it's set during maybe the 1970s?
She realizes the girl seems a lot like her so she gets some help to go back in time. She "meets" the author of the diary. The girl is her Identical twin.
They hang out the "future" girl falls for a boy I think maybe the friend of the diary girl. I can't remember any character names but I think there may have been some sort of teen party at maybe the beach? The "future" girl eventually has to go back to her own time period. I think the time travel involved some sort of head set. I can't remember. I think maybe the future girl was from a future years beyond our modern time, like current future.

I hope this helps someone I hope it's enough info.

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Ayshe's suggestion of Whispers from the Grave looks promising.

Some Goodreads reviewers say: "The story revolves around 17-year old Jenna, who resides in the year 2070. Jenna's your regular future teenager until her world turn right side up with a few significant discoveries. She finds a diary of a young woman named Rita, living in the 1970s who looks exactly like her, and finds a bond in reading her entries. Jenna also discovers that Rita was murdered [not a spoiler]." | "Jenna steals the visor one day and before they can catch her she escapes to 1970."

Google Books preview - https://books.google.com/books?id=k0S...

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RavenclawBookWorm left the group and never responded, but I agree from the reviews this is the right book.

Popular book, requested 6x now.

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