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message 1: by Kylie (new)

Kylie Morrison | 7 comments Does anyone have print copies of books for review? I️ don’t have a kindle and I️ just really prefer to read hard copy books. I️ know most books for review are ebooks, but I️ just thought I’d ask! I’m new to this! Thanks in advance 😊

message 2: by Adrian (new)

Adrian Ferrer (adrianferrer) Kylie wrote: "Does anyone have print copies of books for review? I️ don’t have a kindle and I️ just really prefer to read hard copy books. I️ know most books for review are ebooks, but I️ just thought I’d ask! I..."

Hi Kylie!

You DON'T need a Kindle device to read Kindle books!!!

All you need is the Kindle app, it can be installed in your computer, smartphone or even your tablet.

The app is free on, it just take a few minutes to download it!

Get it here:

message 3: by Emma (new)

Emma Jaye | 10 comments Perhaps people may be a little more enthusiastic in sending you books, at not a little personal expense, if you'd actually reviewed anything...

Sorry if I appear suspicious, but there is a common scam where authors are persuaded to send print copies of their books, (which we pay for either at, or just below the same RRP as everyone else) only to find said reviewer is making a profit by selling the books on via ebay.

message 4: by Kylie (new)

Kylie Morrison | 7 comments Well I’m sorry that people scam you all to get books. But I️ really am just a book lover. And want to add to my collection and in return give reviews. I️ will go download the kindle app though.

message 5: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer Brass | 4 comments Kylie, if you don't know about goodreads giveaways, some writers do book giveaways. Check the browse tab for the giveaways link. I can't afford to buy books all the time. So I started using the kindle app. It is good because occasionally I can find a free book and I will post a review of it. Unfortunately I don't really like E-books. I forget about them. Forget that I am reading one, or that I have one or two to read and often I forget the book after I read it. A physical book is more real to me. I remember more about a book I have read that is a physical copy versus an electronic copy. I also prefer bringing a physical copy of a book with me to doctors offices or on vacation because I won't forget about it, or prefer to play a online game. If you didn't know about the giveaways than check it out. There are tons of books that are given out every month. Whenever I win one I make sure it is next on my list. I also always give a review as that is the easiest way to thank an author for sending me a book at their exspense and honestly that is why they do the giveaways. They hope each person who won a copy of their book, reviews it. I really hope this helps you.

message 6: by Kylie (new)

Kylie Morrison | 7 comments Thank you Jennifer! That is very helpful! And yes I️ agree. I️ would much rather read physical copies of books. I️ plan to read some ebooks and review them for the authors on here. At least give the kindle app a shot.

message 7: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer Brass | 4 comments I am glad you found my last comment helpful. There is a site called bookbub, some authors offer a free kindle copy one of their books. Here is the link:
When you find a book you like to read you can download it from Amazon or another store. You can also look on Amazon in their kindle section for 0.00 to find more free books. Please remember that authors offer these books hoping for reviews. Happy reading 😉

message 8: by Joseph (new)

Joseph (josephjmiccolis) Hello Kylie,

I would appreciate your interest in reviewing my Young Adult Science Fiction and Fantasy story. I have also sent a request to add you as a friend.

Escape from Palmar (Dagmarth, #1) by Joseph J. Miccolis
Escape from Palmar

Joseph J. Miccolis

message 9: by Varun (last edited Aug 12, 2018 09:31AM) (new)

Varun (varunsayal) | 34 comments Hello Kylie, would you be open to review my Sci-Fi stories book, "Time Crawlers", I can share a MOBI, EPUB if required.

 photo TimeCrawlers - KDP - 1600x2560_zpsvtqrp2i6.jpg
Time Crawlers

message 10: by Ruth (new)

Ruth | 43 comments I would be interested in reading and reviewing your book. I can read pdf,mobi files. I place reviews on Goodreads, Amazon, and Facebook.


message 11: by Varun (new)

Varun (varunsayal) | 34 comments Ruth wrote: "I would be interested in reading and reviewing your book. I can read pdf,mobi files. I place reviews on Goodreads, Amazon, and Facebook.


Thanks, Ruth, shared a PDF with you, please have a look.

message 12: by Ruth (new)

Ruth | 43 comments Thank you, I just downloaded it.

message 13: by Varun (new)

Varun (varunsayal) | 34 comments Awesome, looking forward.

message 14: by Cortez (new)

Cortez III | 53 comments Hey Kylie:

I have my most recent psychological thriller available. SERIAL RITES tells the story of an unstable Atlanta Homicide Sergeant Malcolm Hobbs who leads his X-Men Detective Squad in a manhunt to apprehend the twisted mind and M.O. of a serial killer dubbed, The Profiler.

I'm offering a free PDF, .MOBI, or .EPUB for review. I so appreciate the consideration, Kylie. Thanks!

message 15: by Christopher (new)

Christopher Patterson | 9 comments Hi Kylie

My name is Christopher Patterson. I am the author of A Chance Beginning, Book One of a three book fantasy series. I have written book one and two, was with a small press, and then ended up self publishing. After self publishing, a small press in Tucson Arizona offered to help republish my books and fix a few editorial issues. So I have republished A Chance Beginning and am currently doing the same thing with book 2, Dark Winds, and working with Wheatmark on book 3, Breaking the Flame.

Again, the book is titled A Chance Beginning. It is Fantasy.

Here is the dust cover blurb:

Erik Eleodum is a simple man. He doesn’t want to be a hero. He doesn't need fame or fortune. He is content farming his family's homestead in northern Háthgolthane and raising a simple family, like his father, for the rest of his life. In fact, adventure is the last thing on his mind.

Befel, Erik's brother, and Bryon, his cousin, can't think of anything worse than farming for the rest of their lives. They want to be heroes. They want fame and fortune. They want to leave their families and go east, to the country of Golgolithul, where they are sure to find easy wealth and great adventure.

But when these three young men leave their farmstead, they quickly discover the world is not so simple, not so easy. Most fortune is laden with treachery, fame must be earned with blood, and adventures are rarely grand. Ideas of grandeur are crushed and the road east is hard. To get there, these men must ultimately sell their swords and become friends with thieves, dwarves, soldiers, and mercenaries well past their prime. They battle a band of ruthless slavers, slip past assassins, and experience the deadly consequences of black magic.

Will Erik ever be able to return to the simple life? Will he unwittingly become famous, become rich, become a hero? Or, will he even survive?

Here is the link on amazon:

I would enjoy and appreciate the opportunity to have you review my book. I would be more than happy to send you a paperback copy.

Thank you

Chris Patterson

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