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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. NA, heroine wants to start working at a club so she and her disabled sister can move out

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AV (a_lover) Okay so I remember reading up to the part where the heroine met the hero but after that I lost the book and I’ve been trying to find the name for a while now! So the book starts off with the heroine getting dressed in her room. She’s trying to dress appropriately for a club scene and I don’t remember if she wanted to be a stripper or a waitress but her outfit was just ridiculous because she was very sheltered and she didn’t know what people usually wore to clubs. Her sister is in the room and she’s disabled (in a wheelchair) because of some type of back problem. The heroine wants to get money so she and her sister can leave her sister can leave their home. I can only remember that her guardian(s) can’t remember if it was her parents or someone else was taking care of them) were horrible and she wanted to get her and her sister out of the situation. She has to sneak out. I also remember that they were kinda wealthy but their guardian never gave them money. She goes to the club and meets the hero, which ends up being the owner of the club, and he’s immidiately charmed by her. Don’t remember if he was celebate or a virgin but they’re both pretty much alike. I’m aware this is the worst description ever lol and this is why I haven’t found the book yet. Thanks so much to whoever tries to help! Book was definitely published between 2010 and 2016.

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AV (a_lover) OMG I found it! I started typing out some of the main keywords on this post on amazon since I couldn’t find anything on goodreads and I found it! It’s called Where She Belongs by Dani Wyatt.

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Kym | 1058 comments Thanks Anahi. Goodreads link - Where She Belongs

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