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Ezziee ♡♡™ | 479 comments • Muse A is a workaholic who values nothing but work. They don’t talk to anyone in their family, they have no social life, and their love life is non-existent. Several years ago, they made a decision to choose their career over love, and they’ve been alone ever since. However, one day everything changes. Muse A goes to sleep on Christmas Eve after a long night of work. When Muse A wakes up, it is Christmas Morning, but their life is vastly different. Muse A finds themselves living the life they would’ve lived if they’d made the other choice. Muse A finds it awkward at first, and Muse B wonders why Muse A is acting so strange. But, as Muse A plays their part, they begin to want the life they never had. After going to sleep, they wake up back in their old life, with a choice to make. Do they keep everything as it is, or do they seek out Muse B and see if they can make things right?

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I like that idea

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Ezziee ♡♡™ | 479 comments Is it anything you want to add or take away?

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Nothing I can think of

Ezziee ♡♡™ | 479 comments You want to delete the above posts then?

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We can! What character would you like to play?

Ezziee ♡♡™ | 479 comments I can be Muse A if you want to be the girl.

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What would you prefer? You've been the guy so much so far. So I could do it if you want me to.

Ezziee ♡♡™ | 479 comments Either one is fine =) you can choose.

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I need to try to be a guy for once lol. I'll never get better if I don't try. So I can do it. Sorry if I suck in advance. Wanna try an interracial couple?

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Ezziee ♡♡™ | 479 comments Okay loll that is fine and ummm that is totally up to you..

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Lol we don't have too. I just need to make more diverse characters.

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Ezziee ♡♡™ | 479 comments Lol. Its fine, like i said it is up to you =)

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Baha I wanna try it lol. This is my fc for a heads up: (view spoiler) I'll start making his profile. But should I make it in regards to when she wakes up? Or like they haven't been together.

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Ezziee ♡♡™ | 479 comments Ayee =D i like him already lmaoo, and you can do a little of both.

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Name: Chandler Greyson
Age: 25
(view spoiler)
Personality: Chandler is the type of guy every girl wants. He's charming, handsome, athletic, intelligent, and most importantly genuine. He's always doing things for others before himself. He got this mentality from his parents who were very charitable as he grew up. They built a homeless shelter and Chandler spent most of his teenage years working there and mentoring younger kids. Now that he's grown, he owns his own clothing company, called Curve. It's geared towards professional men who want to dress nice but not so traditional. Hence, their breaking away form the Curve. Even though he's successful the one thing missing from his life is a love. He had at it one point in his life. She was just as hardworking as he was. But she chose work over him. He hasn't been the same since. Eva was his everything. Waking up to her made everything in his life seem clearer. He had a whole future planned for the two of them but it wasn't enough to keep her around. In the back of his mind he hopes that one day they'll end up together.

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• Eva Waterson • 22 • 5'4 •

(view spoiler)

Eva never had trouble getting people attention even when she didn't want it. She drove to do better for her and her family. She was always into music, she never fall out of love with it. She started her own music company called, Panda Nation. Named after her favorite animal. And she also made her own radio station called The Basement. She worked hard to get where she was at, she worked with alot of big names. She signed alot of new comers, to her label. People knew her, she was living the life she always wanted. But if she was to slow down, she would realize she was missing something, she knows she missing it she just doesn't want to admit. She missed the feeling of being loved, to love someone. But she doesn't just want anyone, she wants her first love back.

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((SZA is so beautiful I can't, ughh! Can you start?))

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A :)

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"Hello everyone, its your girl Eva here." Eva said as she spoke into the microphone. She was playing with her thick, long hair as she talked about having Rihanna as her guest last night. It was awesome talking to her. "Y'all know she is my favorite artist.. So i was over here trying not to freak out." She said with laugh, as she was talking her sister (view spoiler) Diamond walked in and took her sit next to Eva. The did the radio station together.
And the people loved the facted that they were sisters. It was funny and sweet at the same time at least that's what some of them said. Others where haters but they st listened which made their ratings go up. Which the two didn't mind that happen.

After three hours, they both said goodbye that the people that were listening and they were soon off the air. "Are you heading home?" Diamond asked Eva, she shook her head and told her sister she had to stop at the studio for a second. Diamond was eighteen but she had them heart as her older sister, to work and get what she wanted out of life. But she did miss Eva, she was always working or coming up with new ideas for the radio or the studio. "Nooo, please come home. Lets have movie not please." Her sister begged, Eva sighed and gave in. "Okay, come on. You can stay over with me tonight." She said as she walked out the radio building, she drove home with Diamond.

Once they watched some horror movies with popcorn and candy, like they use to when Eva use to live with Diamond and their parents. It was passed midnight, Diamond fall asleep on the couch. Eva covered her sister up and then she turned off the TV before she went onto her room, she changed out of her clothes and went off to bed knowing she was going to have a all day tomorrow.

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((I'm not sure where the story is taking place so I'm just gonna generalize rn lol. Also sorry for the length.))


Chandler hopped into the back of his Uber as heavy rain drops started to fall. He was leaving the site of his upcoming pop up shop for his Curve clothing brand. His goal was to be ready to open up a week before Christmas Eve, that way he could sell a lot of product before the holiday. "How are you mate?" He said dapping up the driver. He was this friendly with everyone it didn't matter if he knew them for two seconds or two years. The driver nodded signaling that he was okay and began driving towards Chandler's penthouse. His driver turned on the radio and Chandler began vibing to the music, but wasn't as happy when he realized it was Eva's radio station. He used to love everything about The Basement but it reminded him of her and he didn't have time to be in his feelings. Especially about Eva.

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Ezziee ♡♡™ | 479 comments • It can be Louisiana. The length is fine. Can give you time to right some more if you want.

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((OOOO could it be in New Orleans lol? We could just skip to the next day? Like they could run into each other somewhere?))

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Ezziee ♡♡™ | 479 comments • =D YASS, that is where i was hoping ypu would say that. And sure thing. •

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((Yeah! So if you wanna just continue, I can get a better feel that way.))

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Ezziee ♡♡™ | 479 comments Eva woke up later than she should have, she frowned at the time. "Shit." she said as she poped out of her bed, she quickly got dress (view spoiler) once she was done, she cromb through her hair and walked out of her room at the same time. "Dee.. Wake your butt up." She said, Dee sighed and rubbed her eyes, she thought something happened at first but when she looked at her phone. "Sorry, i am ready to go." She said, getting off the couch. She knows how Eva is and she felt bad that she made her stay up so late. "Lets go, i am going to drop you off." Eva said grabbing her phone and the keys, she headed out.

They were at their parents place quicker than they thought. "Call me if you need me." She said, Eva was finally alone as she droved off. It wasnt that she didn't love her sister. She would kill anyone, with no questions asked for that girl. But Eva loved being alone to, she was just complicated person. That's how everyone saw her. As she drove, she called Wilson, he was a rapper that was signed to her label. He told her that he was coming but he was going to a hour or two late. She couldn't be mad she was about to be late if she wasnt so good, so just agreed to the time he said he was coming and hung up. It was coming to Christmas, Eva would have forgotten if the city wasnt covered in Christmas decorations. Eva hadnt celebrated Christmas, since she moved out. She celebrates Kwanzaa. But since her parents and Dee, did she decided to spend this time Christmas shopping. The first time in a long time, but she stopped to eat at her favorite dinner before she got started. She use to go there everyday but, it got pushed aside like every other thing she loved. That she didn't have the time for.

"Look at that face. I thought i would never see it again." Axel said when Eva walked in, he smiled at the sight of. She sat in the front on the counter like she always did. "Hey, Axel.. You running the dinner now?" She asked, the boy nodded. Eva and him where good friends, he always had a crush on her just never told her.

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Chandler woke up the next morning and slowly got ready. He was making breakfast when his music got interrupted by a phone call. It was his business partner and best friend Jared. He swiped to answer the called and put Jared on speaker phone. "Hey mate what's happening?" Chandler asked, his Aussie accent semi noticeable. He lived in Australia until he was 18. He came to the states for school and never left. Louisiana felt more like home than Australia did at this point. He only ever really went back to visit family. His parents and younger sister, Cassidy, still lived there. He waited for Jared to start speaking as he scrambled eggs in a pan on the stove. "Chandler, you gotta get down to the pop up shop now. Rachel came and is trying to make the painters paint a yellow and black striped wall. Unless you want this place to look like a bumble bee sanctuary for opening day, I suggest you get your ass down here quick."

Chandler shook his head annoyed. He had just woken up and was shirtless and still in his sweatpants. All he wanted was to eat breakfast and chill a bit before going towards the Curve pop up location for the day. He already had his t-shirt printer up his ass about approving last minute designs for launch day shirts. And now he had to deal with his assistant/petty friend with benefits trying to paint the walls all crazy. "I'll be there in a bit mate. I swear. Just let me shower and get ready and I'll head down there." Jared let out a deep sigh, and yelled something to Rachel Chandler couldn't quite make out. "Alright. Just get down here as fast as possible fam." He said before hanging up. Kendrick Lamar's voice boomed through Chandler's ceiling speakers until he paused the music on his phone. He didn't have time to jam and eat like he thought he would.

He quickly finished making his food, ate, and got dressed. He put on a Stussy hoodie, one of his own leather jackets, a pair of ripped skinny jeans, and a pair of black yeezys. He grabbed his car keys deciding to actually drive today. Something he rarely wanted to do throughout the week, and his phone. He went out to his driveway and unlocked his Ranger Rover and drove off. Heading towards the store. He had to pass the The Basement studio on his way to work everyday and he always frowned. New Orleans was a big city but not big enough to escape his ex.

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Ezziee ♡♡™ | 479 comments Axel hooked Eva up, she didn't have to pay for her meal. As long as she comes and stops by every now and then. She agreed, even though she knew she wouldn't. She couldn't, she had to much to do. She barley wanted to deal with the people she had to deal with on a daily. She wasn't about to add another. "See you around." He said as he waved at her, Eva gave a smile and waved back. She walked out the dinner, and she found it funny. If she was with her ex, he would have been pissed that she saw Axel. The two never saw eye two eye. She ran her hair through her hair as she walked to her car. She got in and drove off heading to her studio. She hopped Wilson was there, she needed to get started. As she drove, she swore that she saw Chandler's... But she shook her head not believeing her own eyes.

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Chandler swore he saw Eva’s car on the way to the shop. But he refused to even think twice about it. The last time they had been together was absolutely horrible. It was one of the biggest arguments he had ever been in in his entire life. At some points both of them were crying. But through out the entire fight they were both screaming. He didn’t want to casually run into her after spending five full months apart. He still loved her, that was no question. But they needed to figure out what life was like without each other. Chandler parallel parked on the street outside of the shop and locked the car. He ran a hand through his brown hair and walked inside. Jared dapped him up on the way in and looked just as nervous as he sounded on the phone earlier. “Finally, you’re here man. Look the shit is already painted. How in the world are we going to find someone to fix this in time for opening day?” Jared asked walking over towards the back wall. Which also happened to be directly behind the cash registers. Chandler frowned and leaned against the check out counter. “When the hell did she do this?” He asked looking around for Rachel. She was no where to be found,but other sales associates and assistants were running around the store like chickens with their heads cut off.

“She left an hour ago saying something about finding talent for the launch day party. She said she’d FaceTime me when she found someone.” Jared said looking at his phone for missed calls. “But I haven’t heard anything from her since. Look, Chandler I just wanted you to see it before I tried finding new painters to come fix it. Can I go ahead and make some calls? We can’t have our brand go out like this.” Chandler nodded giving Jared the okay. They both owned Curve, but he never made any decisions without asking Chandler first. Which Chandler admired. Chandler left Jared at the registers and started walking around the store looking at how the associates were doing floor set. Everything else looked fine, they were just going to have to fix that hideous wall. As Chandler thanked one of his female associates for all her hard work he got a text from Rachel. It basically said that she found some local talent and needed him to meet her at an address. Chandler almost dropped his phone when he clicked the address. Google maps had taken him to The Basements site. There was no way in hell Rachel was dumb enough to not realize who’s studio this was. Chandler picked up the phone to tell her he wasn’t coming.

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Ezziee ♡♡™ | 479 comments As she drove, she got a text from Wilson saying he wanted to meet up at the Basement, which was fine with her since it was only a couple of blocks from her. She made a turned and was soon there, he stood at the front door. Since the only people that had the keys to the doors were Diamond and Eva herself. She didn't trust anyone else outside of them. Eva gor out her car and a frown appeared on her face. When she saw a woman with him, someone she never saw before, which was saying much since she owned a radio station plus a music company. The two things that made everyone in the city come to her. "Who is this?" She pointed, as she glanced the mystery woman and then at Wilson. He explained that the woman said she had a job for him, something coule help get known quicker. "But i told her, we had to talk to boss lady." He said with a shruge of his shoulders and a smile. Eva sighed but not before she rolled her eyes. "Fine.. Lets talk inside." She said, she unlocked the doors letting the two in. She walked in right behind them, she took thm to her small office. Which was next to the room where she did her radio station. She sat behind her desk. She acrossed her arms as she leaned back in her sit. She was always about business and everyone knew that, she took her businesses seriously. "So what are trying to offer?" She asked not bothering to hide the annoyance in her voice.

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((I’m on my phone so I can’t do a spoiler but Rachel looks like Megan Fox.))

It took everything in Rachel not to role her hazel eyes. She raised one of her perfect arched eye brows before opening a portfolio with a printed out business proposal. “I discovered Wilson here not to long ago on instagram. My boss’s clothing company is having a pop up shop that’s opening in about a week. We’d love to have him perform at the launch.” Rachel would do anything for Curve. She supported the idea behind the brand and had goals of convincing Chandler and Jared to make women’s clothing. Curve was going to be a hit nation wide, but they had to make sure the New Orleans launch was popping to get people talking. Which was why she wanted to have Chandler by her side to make this offer. She was so confused as to why he didn’t want to come. He had called her but she ignored the call not wanting to seem rude in front of a potential client. “So what do you say?” Rachel asked tapping her perfectly red painted nails on Eva’s desk. She didn’t understand why she was being so hostile towards her and they had only just met.

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Ezziee ♡♡™ | 479 comments "Come on, i think this will be a good thing for me. You know." Wilson said as he leaned onto Eva's desk. Eva sighed and nodded, not being able to take him begging for a second longer. "When and where?" She asked looking away from Wilson and at the woman. Eva with the lady for a few more mintues before she let her leave. Wilson sat in front of her still. "Yoo, thanks Eva.. I knew you was the right choice." He said, Wilson had only been sighed to Panda Nation for only a few months and people were already noticing him. Eva had two other artists, but they were on tour at tge moment. "Well you come with me?" He asked, Eva sighed. After the woman told her where it was taking place, Eva knew who her boss was. She just didn't say anything. And she wouldn't in front of Wilson. She thought about saying no but he started his baby face, their vibe was more like sister and brother. Rather than manager and client. "Okay. Fine" She said with a smirk and the roll of her eyes.

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Rachael ran out of The Basement with a wide smile on her fast. She flipped her long black hair and took the quick walk back to Curve. Her red bottoms clicking on the side walk with every step. She felt so proud of herself for securing an artist like Wilson for the launch. If people weren’t coming to Curve for the clothes they’d at least be lined around the block to see him. She pushed open one of the glass doors to the store and immediately lost her smile. “Why they hell are they painting?!” She asked handing her bag and iPad to one for the associates. Even though Rachel was an assistant to Jared and Chandler, she was still a head huncho around here. Jared hit Chandler on the should letting him know it was his turn to deal with her. But they were slightly in a relationship so it was always his job to deal with her. Chandler frowned and wrapped his arm around Rachel’s small frame. “Alright babe, see that wall was awful. We don’t want the customers to be driven away by the decor do we?” Chandler said kissing Rachel before she could argue. “Everything will come good babe I swear.” Chandler said. He knew she hated when he used Aussie slang but he couldn’t help it.

Rachel rolled her eyes and kissed Chandler one more time before surrendering. “Well Jared probably told you I booked talent for the launch.” She said letting him direct her to the back office. “Yeah, that talent happens to work for my ex-girlfriend.” Chandler said frowning as they sat down on either side of his desk. “How did you not realize love? Wilson works for Eva, the Eva I can’t stand.” Chandler said frustrated. Rachel’s has dropped. “You mean I was sitting across the table from your ex and I didn’t know?!” She asked genuinely surprised. She stood up for a second and paced around his office. “Well we can’t cancel. The deal I just made was too big. And the customers will love his sound. We can’t cancel Chandler.” She said sitting back down. “I’m so sorry I really didn’t know. You know I can be a bit of an airhead every now and then.” Chandler laughed and chose his words wisely before speaking. “It’s okay babe. It’ll be fine. I’ll be focused on making sure the launch runs smoothly, and she’ll be focused on making sure she doesn’t have to drop Wilson from her label.” He said. “Everything will be fine. As long as you don’t get inspired by bumble bees anymore.” He joked and dodged the pen cup Rachel chucked at his head. “Shut up. Now I’m gonna go back out and make sure the girls are stocking the merchandise on the tables right. We can’t stay in here long. They already think we're all over each other 24/7.” Rachel joked and stood. Chandler rolled his eyes before watching her walk out of the room. He really liked her but he couldn’t fully commit yet. Eva had a lot to do with that. And now he’d have to be in the same room as her in a few days.

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Ezziee ♡♡™ | 479 comments "Wait.. Wait.. Are you serious? But y'all to hate each other." Diamond said on the step of her parents house, Eva sighed as she sat next to her. "I dont hate him.. I just dont love him either." She said, which was the truth. She couldn't hare him no matter how hard she tried she couldn't. "Well you could fool me." Diamond, used to think the two was soal mates, meant to be together. But after their argument. She wasn't sure anymore. "Its not i am going to talk to him, i don't have time for that." Eva said, Diamond sighed and nodded she loves her sister more than anything, she knew what happened to her and Chandler. Was eating her up, but Eva always acted like she was okay. No matter the situation. "Well i cant come with you.. They think i am hanging around with you to much already." Diamond said. Eva already knew her parents didn want her around Diamond after their little falling out. Eva nodded, they both said their goodbyes and walked off. "Hey, you might have their.. You know get some loving for someone!!" Diamond shouted with a smirk, Eva shook her head. "Shut up." She said, she watched her sister go inside before she walked off. Eva hadn't been with anyone since Chandler, not because she couldn't. She got walk into the room and have the whole staring at her, but she didn't want anyone.

Eva went home alone, like how it usually is. She locked up once she was inside, she put hwr folders and notebooks on her table that sat in front the couch. They were all full with ideas and ways to keep going. To keep this going. Once she did one plan, she already had another ready to go. As she sat down, her phone ringed. It was Diamond, Eva picked up and chuckled at the idea her little sister had. She didn't like it at all but, Diamond was right. Once they hung up, Eva started texting the only guy she talks to. Which it's not a alot, only once every week. Or twice every month. They only checked in on each other, that was as far as the relationship goes now. But he used to be her boyfriend, before she dated Chandler. He would do anything she asked of him. He was going to be her plus one for the launch.

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After Jared handled the painting situation Chandler left the store for the day. He went to meet with his t-shirt printer to finalize designs for the shirts they'd be selling on launch day. Rachel begged him to go with, but he told her no. He needed to wrap his mind around seeing Eva for the first time in months. They had successfully avoided seeing each other since the breakup. They'd stop hanging around the same mutual friends at the same times, and stopped going to their favorite restaurants and clubs on nights they used to go together. Chandler did anything and everything to make sure he wasn't going to see Eva. The only reason he chose the current pop up shop location was because it was prime real estate. In the middle of downtown New Orleans, but far enough from Bourbon Street to escape the craziness. Jared swore that they probably wouldn't even run into Eva, but apparently Rachel didn't get the memo from her other boss. After his meeting with the printer her drove his Range back to his apartment. He needed to talk to someone about the upcoming launch day and how stressed he was about seeing Eva. He couldn't talk to Jared and Rachel because they were sources of his stress. He decided to facetime his younger brother, Calvin (view spoiler)

Calvin was in his last year of Uni in Australia. But he was one of the wisest people Chandler knew. He had been through more relationships then Chandler could ever dream of. Which was funny because Calvin was a skinner and nerdier version of his older brother. Chandler opened his apartment door, took off his jacket and yeezys and left them on a bench in the coat closet. He turned his music back on like he always did when he was home and opened his macbook air. He facetimed Calvin who answered on the first ring. "Chandler mate, what's happening in good ol' New Orleans? Are you tired of the gumbo yet?" Calvin joked. He was in his Uni flat and Chandler could see one of his current flings walking around in the background. She was gorgeous but knew Calvin wasn't the type of guy to introduce his family to the girls he was messing around with, so she didn't approach the camera. Chandler laughed and ran a hand through his hair before responding. "No way mate. The food is still amazing. You guys should come for once. I'm always the one flying home." Calvin shrugged before responding, "That's because Mum and Dad don't like the states. I'll try to come the next time I can take holiday brother. I swear, but seriously what's up with you Chan?" Calvin asked. He could tell that his brother was stressed. "Is it the store launch? Everything looks amazing from the website end. Charley and I have been making sure the graphics are super clean for launch day." Calvin was studying computer engineering in University. He handled all of Jared and Chandler's tech stuff like their website with their cousin Charley. "Nah, it's actually Eva. Rachel booked one of her artists to perform at the launch and I'm going crazy thinking about having to be around her. But we can't cancel this booking, it's too big of a deal." Chandler said frustrated. He picked up his computer and moved it to his living room coffee table and plopped down on the couch.

"Ah, Eva. What a beauty. You really messed up with that one brother." Calvin said laughing. Chandler could see the girl in the background frown. Calvin turned around to console her before continuing to speak. "Chan, I'd say do what you always do. Suck it up and grow some balls. You all have been separated for awhile now and maybe that's for the best. She never used to pay attention to you when you were together right? Now you have Rachel. A beautiful girl who's basically drooling over your every move." Calvin said. Chandler waited for his brother to continue speaking. "I'd say handle the launch like the business man you are. And start considering making things serious with Rachel. Eva has had months to change it she seemingly doesn't give a damn still, so why should you brother?" Calvin asked. Chandler knew he was right, but he was hoping that Calvin would encourage him to reach out to Eva. In the end it was going to be his decision. "But listen mate. I'm going to need for you to stop sulking around and get your shit together for the launch. We've got big money heading our way brother." Calvin said. Chandler nodded, "Thanks Calvin. Jared and I will be in touch about when you and Charley need to make sure the website is live." Calvin nodded and waved at the screen, "We'll be ready to press the publish button. Just let us know. Alright now mate, have a goodnight." Calvin said before hanging up. Chandler closed his laptop and stood. He wasn't sure about committing to Rachel. He just couldn't do it before knowing if things were really over with Eva.

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Ezziee ♡♡™ | 479 comments • You wanna skip to the launch?•

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Ezziee ♡♡™ | 479 comments Today was the day, Eva was nervous for the first time in forever. But she didn't have time for that today was the day of launch. Wilson already called asking if she could come and pick him up. She agreed, telling him she was bring someone. She just got done combing through her thick hair. Which was like a 9 to 5 job all on its own. She sat on the edge of her bed tieing her shoes up her leg when she heard a knock. She walked to the door and smiled at her pluse one Carter (view spoiler) "Damn long time no see Eva." He said as he wasted no time, he pulled her into his arm hugging her so tight. She pushed him off. "Boy! You gonna mess up my make up. Chill out." She said with a smile, she let him in. She closed the door and went back in her room to finish getting dress. She came back out fully dress. (view spoiler) she glanced over at Cater who was sitting on the couch. "Come on, we have to pick up Wilson." She said as she grabbed her phone and purse. He nodded not being able to stop staring the dress hit her curves perfectly, she didn't put her hair up. She just let it hang down her back. She was gorgeous but he chose to keep his mouth close. Eva closed and locked the door once, he was out. They picked up Wilson and his girlfriend, Maya. Before they headed to the launch. Wilson was shooked to see Eva eith someone, she hadnt been with anyone the whole time he was signed to her. He was starting to think she might be gay. But here she was with this guy he never saw before it was a little weird but he could deal with it.

Once they was there the building was already packed. They walked inside, "I am go look for Rachel." Wilson said as he walked off with Maya by his side. Eva waved them off as she walked in a different direction, she went to the bar. She wasn't a drinker, so she just order some soda. "Still never drunk yet, huh?" Carter asked, she nodded with a smirk. "Glad to see you haven't changed so much." He said, he knew pretty more than Eva would like him to. "Yeah, i guess not." She said as she sipped on the soda, he order water not wanting to drink in public knowing how he could get. It was going good so far, she hadn't seen Chandler yet. She just hoped that since it was so crowded that they wouldn't bump into each other. "I gotta go to the bathroom. Dont run off on me." He said, She giggled and shook her head. Knowing he was talking about the time, they had got into argument in the mall and once he went to the bathroom, she lefted walking home. "I wont." She said, he nodded and kissed her cheek before heading to the bathroom. Leaving Eva at the bar stand playing with the ends of her hair for the moment.

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Rachel smiled wide when she saw Wilson arrive at the store. "Wilson! I'm so glad you're here. Let me introduce you to the two head men in charge." She grabbed Wilson's hand, not paying attention to the fact that he was with who was probably his girlfriend. She wasn't trying to be flirty but that was just Rachel's personality. She turned around and Led Wilson into the back offices. Jared and Chandler had been plotting back there since the beginning of the launch. Their plan was to watch sales rise from the back, and come out to thank everyone after Wilson's performance. Chandler smiled and dapped Wilson up once Rachel let go of his hand. "What's happening mate? Thanks for doing this for us. Jared and I really appreciate it." Chandler said when they broke a hug. He watched Jared hug Wilson and smiled as a girl entered the back room. "Who is this beauty Wilson? See your girl?" Chandler asked. He gave the girl a hug and waited for her to introduce herself. He could feel Rachel starring at him as he gave the girl a hug. He shrugged, letting her know that he was just trying to be nice. This was how he needed to network. No one was bigger right now than Wilson. His music was everywhere, so if Chandler and Jared could get him to wear Curve that would help them. Chandler motioned for Rachel to come over. He looked her up and down as she came to where he was standing in the office. She looked absolutely gorgeous (view spoiler). Chandler didn't look too bad himself (view spoiler) Chandler kissed her and held her by the waist as he listened to Wilson and his girl talk.

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Ezziee ♡♡™ | 479 comments "You welcome. Thank you for having me." He said, he glanced back and smiled holding put his hand for Maya. "Hey. I am Maya." She said introducing herself. Wilson amswered the question that they had for him. Not realizing he was taking long making Eva worry about him, he was her client but he was like a little brother to her. No matter where they went, knowing he could take care of his self. But also knowing things can go left at any time. She told Cater to come with her to find Wilson once he was out the bathroom. Which he did, they looked around and found a guard. Who told them where he was, they followed the man directions to the back. "Wilson.. Are you good?" She asked once she saw him with Carter right behind her. He smiled nodded. "Dont have to worry about me. Im fine." He said, he was only seventeen. "You i don't want to hear that." She said, Wilson laughed and rolled his eyes. Even though wanted to acted like he didn't want her to care, he appreciate. No one else besides Maya ever did. "Mhm." She said, her eyes went off Wilson and onto Rachel, which lead to the man next to her. Chandler?.... "Nice to see you again." She said. She decided not to speak to Chandler, it wasnt a point in the matter.

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Chandler frowned when Eva entered the room. She looked good, she aways looked good. But he wasn't going to hold his breathe waiting for her to acknowledge him. Jared (view spoiler), laughed at the tension before hugging Eva. He didn't have a problem with her. He knew how hurt Chandler still was over their breakup, but Eva was an amazing person. He used to love when Chandler brought her around. Chandler was just going to have to get through this day. "Eva, shorty what's up?" Jared asked hugging her quickly. When he released her hug he saw Chandler roll his eyes and pull Rachel closer to him. "Stop acting dumb." Jared whispered. "It's too big of a day to act shitty." Chandler rolled his eyes harder and kissed Rachel out of no where. Jared let out a loud laugh and hit his shoulder. "Come on man, no one wants to see all that." He said. Knowing that he was just doing it to make Eva uncomfortable. Rachel pulled away and got out of Chandler's grip. "You're sweet babe but we gotta get this show on the road." She handed Wilson a microphone and Eva, her plus one, and Maya vip passes. "Wear these and security shouldn't bother you. Drink up and let's dance." Rachel said as she opened the office door. She was being as nice as possible to Eva. She wasn't the confronting type. She also didn't know her. All she knew was that Chandler and her used to be a thing, but they weren't anymore. So why be petty?

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Ezziee ♡♡™ | 479 comments "Hey, Jared." She said giving him a hug, she noticed what Chandler was doing. He was being him, she was in a good mood and he wasnt about to ruin it. She could make him upset with doing anything, Carter noticed Chandler remembering him as the man that took Eva away from him, he chuckled at the act he was putting on. Knowing Eva wouldn't play along, he decided to. He put his arm around Eva. Eva, glanced up at him before she took the V.I.P passes. She turned her glance over at Wilson (view spoiler) she ruffled his hair. "Go out there." She said, Maya (view spoiler) gave him a good luck kiss and walked with Eva and Carter. Wilson went up on the small stage that had for him, and went did what he did best. Maya and Eva was cheering him on the whole time, like always. Carter softly kissed Eva's cheek as he held her from behind. Hoping it was a slight chance he could get what was once his back.

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Rachel walked out after them alone. Knowing the guys still wanted to stick to their plan of coming out after the performance. Wilson performed a couple of songs, almost all of them were her favorites. She smiled as he made the crowd cheer after every song. Picking him to perform at the launch was a smart decision. When Wilson was done she joined him on stage. An associate handed her a mic and she hugged him from the side. "Wow, what an amazing performance! Can we give him an around of a applause everyone?" Rachel asked. The crowd got hype once again, cheering his name. Rachel let Wilson speak for a few minutes after the performance. Queing up the time for when Jared and Chandler were going to come out from the office.

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Ezziee ♡♡™ | 479 comments Wilson said a few words, thanking Eva, Maya and Curves for making this happen. He left off the stage after that. Maya run and jumped inti his arms. She was always proud of him. So was Eva who gave him a hug once he put Maya down. They decide to stay and continue to have fun, Eva walked outside needed some fresh air. Once she was at Carter's car, tears ran down her face. She sat in the hood of the car.

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"Again, we just want to thank everyone for coming out today. Curve represents a vision Jared and I had a long time ago. To see our designs in real life is crazy." Chandler said raising a glass of champagne in the air. He was hugging Jared on stage as they thanked the crowd for coming to the launch. "We hope that this pop shop can become permeant. So keep shopping and telling everyone about our amazing brand." Chandler finished talking and he sipped his glass. Jared and Rachel were mingling with customers, something Chandler should've been doing. He texted Calvin to make sure the website was functioning right and his brother said it was, and that it had a high traffic. Chandler smiled and he walked around the store. Watching people shop and talk about different styles throughout the store. The associates were working their asses off ringing clothes up at the register and packing customers bags. He moved towards the front windows and looked outside, there was still a line down the block of people waiting to come in. He walked outside and waved to the waiting customers and thanked them for their patience. He turned around and saw Eva. She was crying. He finished his glass of champagne, realizing he was slightly tipsy. He walked over to her. He tapped her shoulder and waited for her to turn around. "What's with you?" He asked confused about why she was crying.

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Ezziee ♡♡™ | 479 comments She felt someone tap her shoulder. She glanced up and noticed it was Chandler. She rolled her eyes, as she wipped them. "What do you care.." She said, he was the last person she wanted to talk to. He was just trying to hurt her like no less than two hours ago. "You can just go back inside and leave me alone." She said.

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Chandler handed the glass to an associate who came outside to check on him. He waved her away and put his focus back on Eva. “Eva, don’t do this shit right now. Don’t act like we both don’t still love each other. Is that why you crying? Are you crying because I’m sorta with Rachel? What about the mate you walked up with earlier today? Where the hell is he?” Chandler asked looking around outside. Customers in line started whispering and he realized he should probably keep it down. His tipsy, heart broken rage was starting to come out. He never got the closure he wanted with Eva and she was the one outside of his launch crying. She broke up with him. She chose her career over starting a life with him. She made him return an engagement ring before he even got the chance to propose. A lot of this shit was all her fault. But for her to be crying because Chandler felt like kissing Rachel was dumb. “I just can’t believe you don’t get what you did? This is your fault Eva. I loved you with all of my heart. I was completely vulnerable with you but you chose your work over me.” He put his hands on the back of his head. Not believing that she was seriously crying right now. “I told you that you could both. But you left me. You left me!” Chandler started to raise his voice again and a security guard walked up behind him. “Everything alright sir?” Chandler nodded and backed away from Eva. Letting the guard know he wasn’t trying to physically hurt her. “Everything’s okay.” He said.

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Ezziee ♡♡™ | 479 comments "Yeah everything is fine." She said to the guard knowing Chandler won't hurt her no more how mad he was at her. At least not physically. She waited until he finally nodded and walked off, she hoped off the hood of Carter's car. She frowned, she ran her head through her hair. "That dude is Carter.. He agreed to come with me since i didn't want to come alone. But i am fuck him and acting like he is my god damn everything." She said, she knew she broke up with him. She knew it was slightly her fault but it was his to. They both was focused on their careers. They were stressing trying to do both, and he knew that. "I am alone, when i go home it's no one is there. I dont have a little dude on the side... So dont you acted like your so broken hearted. And you seem pretty fucken good to me." She said. The guard glanced over at them once again but he didn't bother walking over to them.

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Chandler rolled his eyes. He got closer to Eva not wanting anyone around them to hear what he had to say. “The only reason I’m with her is because I was searching for what we had. We don’t even have a label so I don’t know why you’re so pressed.” Chandler said. He leaned in closer to her feeling tension he hadn’t felt in months. Being around Eva made him crazy. He whispered in her ear before pulling away. “I still love you but you left. So Rachel was the next best thing to fill that void. That’s it. It’s that simple Eva.” Chandler shoved his hands in his pockets. He was so angry and slowly getting drunker by the minute. His accent was thick with every word he said. He looked her up and down and shook his head. “We could’ve been so good together. Now look at us.” He said. Not even trying to hide the anger in his voice.

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Ezziee ♡♡™ | 479 comments Eva sighed. Her heart jumped when he whispered in her ear, she never felt the way she felt for Chandler and knew she never would. It was the mean reason she focused on work. Working was her void. She sighed as he spoke again after stepping back from her. She played with the ends of her hair. "I never said, i stopped loving you.." She said, being honest. She never told anyone that she hated him or anything like that. She knew she loved him but she thought it was best that they focus on their dreams. "We were good together.." She admitted she whispered to herself as she took her eyes to the ground.

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