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Alex (HEABookNerd) (heabooknerd) I love this idea for reading lists and I'm getting ready to start my first reading challenge on here! So excited about this group!

January 2018 Monthly Challenge - 8/10

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Alex (HEABookNerd) (heabooknerd) January Monthly Challenge

Final Score: 8/10

1. 'J' is for January: Read a book that starts with 'J' or a book whose author's first or last name starts with 'J'.

Pink lace and Stolen Hearts by JC Wallace (1/12)
Pink Lace and Stolen Hearts by Jake C. Wallace

2. Olympian Gods and Goddesses - APHRODITE Read a romance with an MC who is considered beautiful or handsome or read a book with a child as a feature of the storyline.

Ghost Planet by Sharon Lynn Fisher (1/16)
Ghost Planet by Sharon Lynn Fisher

3. Featured Author Challenge (FAC) author - Lauren Blakely Read one book written by Lauren Blakely or any author with her first or last name. You may also read: a book set in California, or by an author who is from California, any book with a dog in the storyline or cover, a book shelved as Contemporary Romance, a book co-written with another author

Roomies by Christina Lauren (1/21)
Roomies by Christina Lauren

4. National Hangover Day - January 1 Read a book where an MC has an addiction or gets drunk, or a book with a celebration in the storyline (eg wedding, 4th July, New Years etc)

Year One by Nora Roberts (1/15)
Year One (Chronicles of The One, #1) by Nora Roberts

5. Cuddle Up Day - January 6: Read a book with two people touching (arms, hands, anyway at all) on the cover or a book that will leave you 'happy with warm fuzzies'.

Radio Silence by Alyssa Cole (1/29)
Radio Silence (Off the Grid, #1) by Alyssa Cole

6. Male Watcher's Day - January 8: Read a book with a cover male model partially (or wholly) exposing his body or a book with a detective in the storyline or a mystery book.

7. Appreciate a Dragon Day - January 16: Read a PNR or Fantasy book, or a book with a character who could be termed 'a dragon' (intimidating, gets aggressive quickly, metaphorically breathes fire, etc)

8. Opposite Day - January 25: Read a book that is outside your normal reading range, a book with an Enemies to Lovers trope or a book with a cover that is mainly black and white.

Something About You by Julie James (1/28)
Something About You (FBI/US Attorney, #1) by Julie James

9. National Cornchip Day - January 29: Read a book that you have been wanting to relax with (perhaps with a hot drink and bag of chips), or read a book with the colour yellow or blue on the cover.

Crashed on an Ice World by Anna Hackett (1/10)
Crashed on an Ice World (The Phoenix Adventures #9) by Anna Hackett

10. Reader's Choice: Read any book of your choice.

Bound by Amelia Bishop (1/6)
Bound by Amelia Bishop

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