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message 1: by Sheri (new)

Sheri | 844 comments Mod
Woah, week 51 check in ! One week left of the year! Hope everyone's coming to a satisfying point in their yearly reading, either finishing challenges or just finishing out the year with some good books.

This week I finished Prophecy: Child of Earth which is the second book of the symphony of ages.

I started Destiny: Child of the Sky which is the third book, which completes the first arc of the series. I think I'll push through and finish this one, and then take a break so I can start the year with some challenge reading. Once a get a few books for that under my belt, I can go back to getting through the next couple books.

How's everyone's reading going? What was your favorite book that you read this year?

message 2: by Stephanie (last edited Dec 22, 2017 07:21AM) (new)

Stephanie | 207 comments Mod
Week 51! This is crazy. Where did the year go? And how did I managed to read so much??? I'm so glad that I joined the Popsugar challenge and this group. I was always telling myself that I didn't have time to read, but now I know how (well usually) easy it is to carve out a bit of time here and there. I've really rediscovered my love of reading this year.

Since I posted on Monday, I've finished The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender. This was definitely NOT a satisfying reading choice. I wrote before that I felt like the author just didn't have a purpose for all the fantastical she was putting into the book, and this continued to be the case. It culminated in a horrid assault scene near the end of the book that apparently led to some "resolution," but that left me with a horrible taste in my mouth in terms of using that as a device to write a pretty much unsatisfactory ending. And I had such high hopes for this book. Sigh.

Yesterday, I started listening to Stardust on my walk home from work, and I'm really enjoying it. This makes such a nice audiobook because of its fairy tale quality, and Neil Gaiman is a wonderful narrator. Despite some of the adult content, I can totally picture a bunch of children gathered round him as he spins his tale.

And this morning, I read about the first three pages of Thrawn. I had hoped to get through more, but it snowed last night and cars had to be cleaned off and driveways shoveled. I read most of Zahn's Star Wars book in the early 90s and loved them, so when this came up in the library, I thought it would make a light read to end out my year.

My favourite book this year....hmm, that's a tough one! (And I noticed you didn't answer the question, Sheri ;-) ) Can I go with some categories?

For the book that stayed with me the longest, I choose Independent People. Reading this book was emotionally shattering and I may never read it again, but I treasure the experience of having read it.

For the book I thought was simply the most beautiful and well-written, I choose The Last Unicorn. High fantasy at its best, IMO.

And for the book that I'm likely to read over and over again from sheet delight, I choose Good Omens: The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch. I also give this one a big nod for turning me on to Neil Gaiman's work, which I look forward to reading (and listening to) a lot more in the future.

message 3: by Sheri (new)

Sheri | 844 comments Mod
Haha you caught me, I did forget to answer my own question.

I read a lot of good books, i think a few of my favorites were My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She's Sorry which I thought was a really great story of found family, wrapped up with some fantastical storytelling. Hunger: A Memoir of (My) Body was really hard to read, but was fantastic. America in particular has a real problem with people hating and judging fat people, and I know I've had my own share of uncharitable thoughts at time. It was really eye opening to get someone's story of how she ended up at that weight, and the continual struggle she has with her body, her emotions, dealing with other people, her own family etc. There were others, but i'll leave it there

message 4: by Cecile (new)

Cecile | 4 comments I’m a horrible book club member because I bought the chosen books and haven’t read them yet. But I promise to do better in 2018. Currently reading and enjoying Get Well Soon: History’s Worst Plagues and the Heroes Who Fought Them by Jennifer Wright. I find the medical and historical stuff interesting. I also like her sense of humor. Starting with her dedication, “For Mom and Dad. Would it kill you to go to the doctor now and then?”

To summarize the book: “Because when plagues erupt, some people behave amazingly well. They minimize the level of death and destruction around them. They are kind. They are courageous. They showcase the best of our nature. Other people act like superstitious lunatics and add to the death toll.”

Such light, seasonal reading. Anyway, happy holidays to those who celebrate and best wishes for 2018 who don’t.

message 5: by Cecile (new)

Cecile | 4 comments I meant to say Happy Holidays for those who celebrate the season and Best Wishes for 2018 for those that don’t.

message 6: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie | 207 comments Mod
Hi Ceclie! I didn't read any of the book club books, either...I had Hidden Figures on hold forever at my library, and then it came up when I was out of the country and I missed picking it up. :-( I'm mostly here for the chat about books, and I think that's okay!

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