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The Crowfield Curse (Crowfield Abbey, #1)
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. YA/children's fantasy about a boy who lived in a "cloister abbey". [s]

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Gillian | 9 comments New. Hope the title's alright.
So in 2010 or 2011 my class read a book, and I've always ASSUMED it was part of a series called "Ravenswood," but haven't found anything connected to that title. I believe it had recently come out, and it was going to have a sequel, or the sequel had just been released at that time.
It takes place in Europe and has a lot of religion thrown in...practically historical fiction. It MAY take place during the black plague. In the book, this like, pre-teen boy lives in a monastary (but I remember very distinctly it was always called a "cloister/cloister abbey"). He was indentured to them or something...I believe he was an orphan. The plot was that a man comes to stay at the abbey with his manservant, and he was diseased (the plague, I guess, or leprosy, since his face was bandaged. It may have been bandaged for another reason, but everyone thought it was disease). This guy was mysterious and sort of shady...you questioned whether he was good or bad, and the abbot, I think, didn't trust him, and only gave him refuge because he was obligated. The man had a flute and a lute, which were important because they were valuable, and I think he or the servant was teaching the boy to play. The boy wasn't sure whether to trust him, but the two got sort of close. Somehow, the man was connected to another event, like, the biggest event (that made it fantasy). The boy was in the woods, and he found a fallen angel, or some enormous crater where an angel had fallen. I don't recall exactly what he found, or how or why he investigated, only that in the end, it was because of an angel.
At the end, the man died, and the abbot told the boy that the man had left him his flute. The manservant later told him that the man had actually left him the LUTE, but the abbot had taken it because the lute was more valuable.
I thought the cover was mostly white? But I can't be sure.
Hope this is enough. It was a really unique book and it's seriously bothering me that I can't find it.

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Gillian | 9 comments Oh my good Lord that's it! Thank you!

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Rainbowheart | 20228 comments Welcome, happy to help!

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