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message 1: by Shannette (new)

Shannette | 3 comments Who was your favorite for Lorelei, I know this may seem like a silly question to some but not necessarily. Make sure you can give a really good reason!

message 2: by Zala (new)

Zala Luke. I was so sad when she got back together with Christopher .. it was just weird and one of the main things I disliked in the 7th season (or was it the 6th, I really have to rewatch everything).

message 3: by Anna (new)

Anna (lilfox) | 199 comments I'm after Luke. He was sticking around Lorelai to help her with raising up Rory.

Breathe Me [Songbird] (BreatheMeSongbird) | 5 comments Luke was just really, really great for Lorelai. They simply meshed together well. He could understand her humor and it was obvious that he was into her, as well as the other way around. Christopher was a good guy, but I found him immature. And Max was just completely opposite for Lorelai (which I guess is attractive!). Their relationship when dating was good, but the proposal basically kissed it goodbye.

message 5: by Lori (new)

Lori Walker I liked things about all three of them...

Luke was always there for Lorelai and they got each other really well, which is why they wound up together.

Chris had a lot of history with her and is Rory's dad. He also fit into Lorelai's rebellion against her parents and old way of life. He knew things and got things about her that Luke couldn't.

And Max...I think he stimulated Lorelai intellectually more than the other two. But I agree, things went downhill quickly with them once they got engaged.

message 6: by Jaclyn (new)

Jaclyn | 1 comments I was voting for Luke since season one. I think that Lorelai was just his kind of crazy and she needed Luke because she loved driving him crazy. It was all so loveable - even when they weren't at their best.

message 7: by AngieA (new)

AngieA (angelwings55) Luke, absolutely. He is so perfect for Lorelai and she is just right for him. Their imperfections are complemented by the other person. His introversion, her extroversion, his cynicism, her optimism. I was a little irked at her selfishness when he found he had a daughter. She should have been so excited for him to be able to experience first hand a little of what she had been through already. Bottom line, I felt they could each be themselves with each other; no games, no hype, just real.

message 8: by Misty (new)

Misty | 22 comments Of course it had to be Luke, but I have a bit of a partiality for Scott Cohen (Max) from his portrayal of Wolf in The 10th Kingdom...

message 9: by Eily (new)

Eily Sim (eilysim) | 1 comments Luke for sure, even though Chris tried to be a good dad towards the end, he was never there as much for Rory when she was growing up like Luke was. Luke is great, he even makes a good dad (as we know from April).

message 10: by Kristel (new)

Kristel | 164 comments Luke!

message 11: by Emily (new)

Emily (loveyourcrookedneighbor) Luke! He was more of a father to Rory when she was growing up than Christopher ever was. Who was there for Rory's 16th birthday? Luke. Who attended Rory's graduation? Luke. Need I continue?

Plus, Luke and Lorelai were just perfect together. I don't really know how else to say it. Luke is so sweet and unselfish, it balanced out Lorelai (who, lets admit, we love her, but she could be a little self-centered at times. And I'm certainly a lot like her!)

message 12: by DJ (new)

DJ  (djdivaofjava) Luke,Luke,Luke.Always was,should,must and in my dreamworld IS!!Does anyoneknow if there is any progress onG,G-The Film?

message 13: by Emily (new)

Emily (loveyourcrookedneighbor) DJ- wikipedia says this:
"Creator Amy Sherman-Palladino has expressed an interest in pursuing a Gilmore Girls movie.[8:][9:] Lauren Graham has noted that a lot of fans "were disappointed with how it [the series:] ended" and commented on the possibility of a follow-on movie. Lauren Graham stated in an interview, "It’s hard. I don’t know what we could give the fans that would satisfy them. It’s going to be like, “Grandmother Lorelai pulls into town… ” I don’t know what the story would be. But as with everything I do I my career, if something comes up that inspires me, then I’ll consider it. Plus, these are people who I love so much." Certain rumors arose at the end of the series that Alexis Bledel was the one who chose not to return. Also stated in TV Guide, it was said that if there had been a season 8, Matt Czurchy was planned to reprise his role. Lauren Graham also said, "It didn’t end in the way I think any of us would have liked — and that is a disappointment for me as well. And a sadness, really. When the reruns come on now I think about the path it took, and it makes me sad. I wish we would have known it was the end when we shot the final episode, quite simply. But we can’t go back and change that. And I’m not sure a movie would help. What helps me is to try and do other things in my life and do work that I like. I don’t know that going back to the show is the answer. But there are people who are still really devoted to it, and I understand that, too." However, Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel and Scott Patterson all stated they could definitely consider the 2-hour TV movie Amy-Sherman-Palladino was thinking about, if a good script was written. Palladino has stated that she knows the four last words of Gilmore Girls, the words she'd been waiting to include all along, but didn't get a chance to."

message 14: by DJ (new)

DJ  (djdivaofjava) Emily-Thank-You v.much for the information.It`s greatly appreciated!If I hear anything else at all I`ll pass it on.In the meantime I`ll just keep re-watching my D.V.d`s!!!
I didn`t realise when I voted for Luke I was to state a reason,sorry.
1.Christopher-Too weak and ineffectual,he took no responsability at all when Rory was conceived.
2.Max-NOOO,it was all to be about him and while I totally admit that Loreli can be a bit self absorbed,hasn`t she earned the right too be after raising Rory so well and missing out on her teenage time-when let`s face it most of us are quite self-absorbed?
3.LUKE-He has always patiently been there waiting until Loreli would be ready,always supportive as well as being a slightly rusty round the edges knight in shining armour.OK he did really screw up when he chose not to tell Loreli that he had discovered he had a daughter by a previous(long ago)relationship,I mean what was she going too do?Actually my view is that she would have been sad that he hadn`t been given a choice to know his daughter sooner!
So there I stand LUKE NO DOUBT>

message 15: by pianogal (new)

pianogal Emily wrote: "DJ- wikipedia says this:
"Creator Amy Sherman-Palladino has expressed an interest in pursuing a Gilmore Girls movie.[8:][9:] Lauren Graham has noted that a lot of fans "were disappointed with how ..."

Anyone want to guess what A S-P's final four words are? "I love you, Luke" "Rori Gilmore for President"? Thoughts?

message 16: by DJ (new)

DJ  (djdivaofjava) "We`re having a baby"Loreli to Luke coz hey they``ve both got a daughter each and TV is fantasy so why not a little joint production to round things off?

message 17: by Joanie (new)

Joanie | 197 comments I didn't start watching GG until after I joined this group last year. I recorded all the episodes off ABC Family and have watched up until midway through season 6. As I was recording the episodes I'd read the descriptions here and there and wound up learning that Loreli and Christopher get back together (ugh) which has totally killed my desire to watch any more episodes. Now I read that the show didn't end the way people wanted and I seriously want to go home and delete all the episodes off my DVR!! I'll be much happier in my ignorant bliss!

message 18: by DJ (new)

DJ  (djdivaofjava) hey don`t do that.There`s still a lot of fun qips you would miss out on-though feel free to fast forward Christopher he`s just soul destroying!!

message 19: by Joanie (new)

Joanie | 197 comments Lol....I just don't know that I can take it even with fast forwarding! What were they thinking?!?!?

message 20: by Emily (new)

Emily (loveyourcrookedneighbor) You're welcome DJ :)
I agree that Christopher is terrible.

And I think that ASP's final words for the show would be something bizarre. You know, like "Oy with the poodles already". xD I hope we find out!

message 21: by DJ (new)

DJ  (djdivaofjava) Emily wrote: "You're welcome DJ :)
I agree that Christopher is terrible.

And I think that ASP's final words for the show would be something bizarre. You know, like "Oy with the poodles already". xD I hope we..."

Hi I had a really terrible nightmare the other night after watching"Father of the Bride"(Spencer Tracey).
I Dreamt that I was in a church and Luke was walking Loreli down the aisle and then the minister asked"who giveth this woman?"and Luke says "I giveth this woman", he then gave her hand to KIRK!!!end credits. Horrific or what?

message 22: by Karalina (new)

Karalina Lovkina (twohundredandtwentyonebooks) Luke fore all the obvious reasons they were perfect for each other even through the worst parts. plus like had a very sarcastic yet amazing sense of humor and he actually understood Lorelei's, which is kinda rare. but, even though Max is the complete opposite he still wins second place. Christopher shouldn't even get a place (last if one must be assigned) although they were good together and he actually understood her it felt like it was all old chemistry the true moments had passed

message 23: by Misty (last edited Sep 19, 2009 06:40PM) (new)

Misty | 22 comments DJ wrote: "I Dreamt that I was in a church and Luke was walking Loreli down the aisle and then the minister asked"who giveth this woman?"and Luke says "I giveth this woman", he then gave her hand to KIRK!!!end credits. Horrific or what?"

Oh, my! That is a nightmare. Did he then start dancing like in his short film?

Joanie wrote: "I didn't start watching GG until after I joined this group last year. I recorded all the episodes off ABC Family and have watched up until midway through season 6. As I was recording the episodes..."

The Lorelai/Chris reunion is rather short lived, so just brace yourself and it will be fine.

message 24: by DJ (new)

DJ  (djdivaofjava) Misty wrote: "DJ wrote: "I Dreamt that I was in a church and Luke was walking Loreli down the aisle and then the minister asked"who giveth this woman?"and Luke says "I giveth this woman", he then gave her hand t..."

Oh Lord I`d forgotten about that!!Fortunately he didn`t,it was bad enough telling Husband next day(you should have seen the look on his face,totally priceless!).Mind you he thinks the final 4 words should be"Kirk for Town Selectman".

message 25: by Misty (new)

Misty | 22 comments Oh, god. Kirk in power...

message 26: by DJ (new)

DJ  (djdivaofjava) Yes that truly would be the ultimate nightmare!Think I`d move to Mars,I mean sure he is a sweet guy but...

message 27: by Becky (new)

Becky Lu (crazy4rach2) | 8 comments WOW....THERE ARE LOTTA Luke fans here, eh??? I'm in for Luke, but as for physically connecting, I think she and Max would have been an extremely hot couple....Think he's the sexiest of all three ('cuz he's Rory's teacher) LOL....Christopher is too easy 'cuz they already HAD a relationship b4. Luke's fine for Lorelai, but Max was something else. (I didn't mind Luke at the ending of the last episode, but I liked Max when he was with her too). It's a toss-up for me!!

message 28: by DJ (new)

DJ  (djdivaofjava) EWWWW,sorry MAX HOT???? where in the Universe????
And remind me not to go there!!!

message 29: by Rebecca, the princess of prose (new)

Rebecca Curtis | 70 comments Mod
Luke for all the reasons that have been stated! I love how he really was there for Lorelai no matter what, He really got her and Rory and I hated how they messed up their relationship! I like April but I wanted a "Happily Ever After" for Lorelai. Hasn't she earned it?

I would love for them to make a GG movie!

message 30: by Lori (new)

Lori Walker Becky, I am of the same opinion about Max as you. There's just something about his intelligence that I find really appealing. He definitely stimulated Lorelai intellectually, which is more than I can say for Chris and Luke (although, each of those got the pop culture references).

I'm thinking that the perfect guy for Lorelai would be a mix of all three. Max's intelligence. Luke's caring for Lorelai and Rory. And Chris's appearance.

message 31: by DJ (new)

DJ  (djdivaofjava) Hi Girls...Guess I just prefer my men more practical.....and well bonus can cook fabulously.
We are all different and thats what makes the world go round!!!
Would also love A GG`sFilm!!!(so would Husband!!)

message 32: by Susana (new)

Susana | 3 comments Luke was always the perfect guy to me. He patiently waited for her for years, not wanting to pressure her, always catching her, always making sure she was OK and she had everything she needed. When they finally put it together they were both so happy! I was really sad that April had to change that, but I think that Lorelai could have been a little bit more understanding - though he also made a huge mistake when he didn't tell her right away.
Chris was fun and he got her on a deeper level, but he was just not good for her. He was always pulling her down a less healthy road, and in the end he pushed her towards something that didn't make her happy; and though I think this is her fault for not speaking up, knowing her as well as he did, he should have realized there was something wrong.
Max? Well I have to say I liked him a lot. He was funny and smart and sexy, and he would have easily given Luke a much tougher competition if he hadn't tried to push Lorelai and control her life under the pretext that they were getting married. This only showed us that he didn't fully understand her and that he wasn't quite ready to be such a huge part of her life.
I think that all of them gave her something and enriched her in some way or another, but, in the end, it was always Luke.

message 33: by Robbie (new)

Robbie Bashore | 592 comments I think I've said this in this or a similar thread--Max gave me the Heebie-Jeebies. Not sure why, he just did. Of the three, I'm a Luke gal.

message 34: by Emma (new)

Emma | 4 comments Is anyone not completely devoted to Luke? It's been obvious since day one who Lorelai was supposed to be with. In that way I think Rory is a more interesting character to follow because more about her life is always uncertain.

message 35: by DJ (new)

DJ  (djdivaofjava) Yeah,but it`s the whole thing about meeting the right person but not always at the right time thing.....

message 36: by Heather (new)

Heather | 26 comments Luke;hands down. He and Lorelai are perfect for each other. They I always felt like Lorelai was happiest when she was with him and he was always more of a father figure to Rory, more so that Chris. Luke and Lorelai were meant for each other since day one!
I would sooo love a GG movie:)

message 37: by DJ (new)

DJ  (djdivaofjava) Wouldn`t we all!!!!

message 38: by Lori (new)

Lori Walker I was sick on Friday night and I couldn't sleep, so I popped in a disc from GG season 1. After watching that entire disc, I still couldn't sleep, so I popped in a second disc from season 2. I was still sick on Saturday, so I watched another disc or two. All in all, I pretty much watched the entire saga of Lorelai and Max. And I'm pretty sure, as I was finally drifting off to sleep at about 7:00 Saturday morning, that I said aloud, "I wish I could meet Max" or something to that effect. I really liked their conversations. Yes, he was a little pushy towards the end. He wasn't getting a key to the house that he was supposed to be moving into, so I kinda understand.

But oh! He was just so smart that it was incredibly sexy for me. (Of course, this may be because I've never actually dated anyone that's as smart as he is)

Anyway...those are just more of my thoughts.

message 39: by Caitlin (new)

Caitlin Holm (timeranout76) | 2 comments Luke. I loved Max ( anyone see the 10th Kingdom?), but Luke and her just... fit.

message 40: by Amber (new)

Amber Haynie (greenrosepdtl) | 1 comments I always liked christopher the best! But in the end of the series his personality sort of changes when they are finally together. I guess i like them together when he still had the young sexy thing about him. =)

message 41: by Morgan (new)

Morgan F (awesomeness1) | 1 comments Luke, of course.

message 42: by Orla (new)

Orla Walker | 1 comments Luke always, he always loved her, he was like a dad to rory and a brilliant dad to april, he stuck around through all lorelis failed relationships and supported her, he's good looking, reliable and fantastic guy, there perfect together, i'm currently re watching all the GG's seasons half way through season 4 at the mo would love if they made a season 8 or a gilmore girls movie :)

message 43: by Melissa (new)

Melissa (lissieb7) | 10 comments I am most definitely a Luke girl. He reminds me in many ways of my husband. I always thought he a Lorelai were perfect for each other. He was always there, and most always put her first. He showed how he felt in so many little ways, even if the words themselves didn't come so easy.

message 44: by Katie (new)

Katie (katiekay07) | 9 comments Luke without a question. He was just amazing. And he and Lorelai just seemed to fit together perfectly. I love them :)

message 45: by Kathy (new)

Kathy (melchycat) | 27 comments Luke! Always and forever Luke. You can't beat a guy who after all the ups and downs that he and Lorelai went through says I just want you to be happy. Not to mention the chemistry between them. And he gets her. Lorelai is a strange customer, and he not only understands her but put up with it! They are soulmates and them not being together is not right.

I did like Max. He was sexy and smart and had a great voice and I think he smelled really good. But he wasn't for Lorelai. They didn't fit.

Christopher is okay and I have nothing against him and I'm proud of the way he raised Gigi after Sherry took off but he doesn't deserve Lorelai and she certainly doesn't deserve him.

I am thrilled with the way the series ended because Luke and Lorelai ended up together, April was gone but not forgotten and Rory didn't end up with Logan, which means in my book that Jess still has a chance. It was perfect.

message 46: by Chloe (new)

Chloe (chloeholt) | 4 comments Luke!!! I like Christopher, but not with Lorelai. Luke was always there for her, before, during, and after they were dating.

However, when Max was with Lorelai I wanted that to work, and when Christopher was with Lorelai I wanted that to work too!!

message 47: by Caro (new)

Caro (wutheringreads) I'd say Luke, for all the reasons above. He got Lorelai and Rory perfectly, and after so many years pining for her I think he deserved it. Besides, if Lorelai stays with Luke, I get to keep Max ;)

message 48: by ~Tiffany~ (new)

~Tiffany~ I like Luke. more than the other guys, and I hate Christopher for wrecking it. I'm ok with Max to, but Luke is the best.

message 49: by Lisa (new)

Lisa | 6 comments I think it's funny that in all the threads for the Rory group I haven't seen any that mentioned Jason (digger). Didn't anyone like that guy?
BTW, I vote Luke, bigtime!

message 50: by El (new)

El Lisa, I have noticed that Digger is conveniently left out of this discussion, but now that you ask I'll give my opinion on the matter. :)

Digger was an okay guy. I thought he and Lorelei had a cute relationship, but it never felt like it had long-standing potential for either of them. My heart softens for any man who will finagle his way into the backroom of a grocery store to hunt down a lady's favorite flavor of Pringles (in a purse-sized container), but he was exactly what she was trying to get away from with her family. He was good for the time they were together, but was too wrapped up in the family business, much too conniving, and I think Lorelei recognized that and highly disapproved. She realized she was essentially dating her father and needed to get away from that.

My wish is that Luke and Christopher could be melded into one person, so neither history she had with both would be lost. :)

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