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Dark Visions (Dark Visions, #1-3)
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. 4 young teens with special power come to center to help a scientific study. [s]

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Dhana Latchmi Mahesh (latchmigirl) | 55 comments The scientist is the main villain who uses young mutant children’s power to grow some weird crystal or something ( can’t remember that part). Story revolves around 4 teens (two guys and two girls) who get connected in their minds and share their every thought with one another. One guy has the ability to heal (his name is Keenan or Kaylen something), the other girl has a scary looking eyes (I think her gift is something to do with writing or drawing) and she becomes this Keenan guy’s Girlfriend. The other guy have this vampire type gift / curse where he needs to feed life force from another to stay alive or something and Kennan’s gf starts to offer herself willingly in secret to this vampire teen so he won’t forcefully take it from another.
Keenan finds out and he gets angry.

All 4 teens in the meantime realise the Scientist is a bad guy and probably mad. Keenan’s gf gets trapped by the Scientist and the vampire type guy pretends to be part of the bad group of crazy children (became like that due to Scientist draining out their mind power or something) and acts as if he supports the Scientist.. but secretly hurts himself so he keeps his connections with Kennan’s gf so she won’t go brain dead or crazy like other children.

At the end, Keenan forcefully heals the vampire kid and gets to read his mind (the two girls share thoughts as well) about what he did for Keenan’s gf, how much he loves her and how far he is willing to go. Keenan’s gf get awestruck by that revelation and chooses to be with the vampire guy.. that’s when the other girl reveals to Keenan that she’s Wen in love with Keenan all that while and blocked that part of her mind from others...

Does anyone know this book? Please help. Thank you.

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Autumn | 19 comments Sounds like Dark visions to me Dark Visions (Dark Visions, #1-3) by L.J. Smith

Dhana Latchmi Mahesh (latchmigirl) | 55 comments Yep. It’s Dark Visions and Thank you. Enjoyed how the story developed.

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