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An Earthly Knight
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Fantasy novel where a kingdom has two sisters, one sister is sad, the other sister falls in love with a man (they make love) then she finds out he will be taken away by an evil monster. [s]

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Lariette | 3 comments I believe the cover is a dark painting of a girl (woman) on horseback running away from something and there are foliage and nature in the background (I'm sorry I can't remember much of the story). I read this book probably 5+ years ago. I think she has to go through a trial to get the lover back but I might be mixing that up with the Norwegian fairytale of "East of the sun, West of the moon" and it is NOT that story. There is no polar bear. Thank you for your help!!!!f

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Michele | 2359 comments Do you recall the age of the main character(s)? Can you say a little more about what made it fantasy (were there wizards, could animals talk, could the main character do magic, etc.)?

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Lariette | 3 comments Sorry i vaguely remember the story. The sisters might've been 16-24. There might have been magic because the "main" sister or character had to protect her lover from a magical being

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Lariette | 3 comments The book is "An Earthly Knight" by Janet McNaughton https://www.amazon.com/Earthly-Knight...
I stumbled on this when I was reading "Keturah and Lord Death" by Martine Leavitt!! It's a very good fairytale story and I knew it reminded me somewhat of the book I was looking for so I was looking through the related books on Goodreads and there it was!! So unbelievably happy!!!

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Michele | 2359 comments "Related books" is a useful tool, isn't it? Glad you found what you were looking for :)

An Earthly Knight for the GoodReads click.

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