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I hate when people hate the things I love but hate

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shellyindallas I know that Americans have this image (of late for sure) around the world of being complete assholes. And I don't totally disagree, but assholes are everywhere and I hate when I hear non-Americans bag on America. That's my job. And it's okay if I do it--I live here!
I saw In Bruges a while back and there were so many stupid/fat American jokes in that movie that even though I agreed they were funny, deep down they annoyed me. I don't know if that makes me a whiny, ego-centric, dish it but can't take it American or not.
It's like how I know my mom's a bitch but if you say it I'll wanna punch you in your face.
Do you know what I'm saying?
When you hate something you should hate it first-hand. Don't try to hate on what I hate b/c I'm hatin on it when you know nothing about it. I hate that, even if I hate /that/.

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Howard (howardmittelmark) Well, sure. I think we can all agree on that. Even things you hate and don't love, but they're your things to hate. There are probably even books to read about it.

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yah my sweetie is european and has lived here for many moons
he actually is not as big a hater of amurika as i am but occaisionally he vents
and yah i sort of don't like it
i made the mistake of blowing a bubble with my gum one day...ewwww ugly american
um...why don't you wear socks one in awhile
not always suave and sophisticated continental

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i thought that might get ya but
not so soon
:) keuschen keuschen

jean haut gross

remember i can say it you can't

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we we ;)

i didn't need the translation on that
i hate it when you hate what i love

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extra keuschen
got to go wee ones bedtime

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