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Dangerous Journey
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Historical fiction from 1980s or before “Dangerous Journey” or similar title. [s]

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Sara Gilbert | 2 comments This was a book I checked out from my elementary school library in the 1980s. I believe it was called “Dangerous Journey” all my searches for this title have come up empty . I did not finish it because it was above my reading level. As a result I can’t remember the plot exactly... I made up stories as a kid and they often expounded on books I read. As a result some books I read when I was young are nothing like I remember them lol. I know this is a long shot... I believe it was about two boys who are escaping from something or going somewhere. They go on a train and somehow hide under it to not get caught. One might get sick and the other takes care of him.

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bookel | 2322 comments Searched worldcat.org on your title with year range 1950-1989, restricted to juvenile fiction book English, oldest results first, print book. Is it this book?

Dangerous Journey
By Laszlo Hamori
Latsi and Pishta escape from a railroad car bound for a communist children's home in Hungary. Aided by a friend in Budapest, they plan to stowaway aboard a freight train, pass the Austrian border and make their way to Sweden where Latsi's parents have resided for several years. The unpredictable obstacles in this race for freedom add to the existent hazards. The boys are separated, Pishta comes down with a fever and Latsi comes in contact with a Russian spy whose job it is to reclaim wayward refugees.

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Sara Gilbert | 2 comments That’s It! Why couldn’t I find it? Thank You!

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