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Rowan | 85 comments YA book read probably 2008-2011. group of teens with cybernetic enhancements, rebellious/outsiders. I remember one person had enhancements made out of a guitar. Front cover had a person with a box TV screen for a head (emoticon face). The specific scene I remembered that made me want to find this book involved a lot of them jumping from a big height (probably off a building) so that they can feel the rush before they are put back together again/ fixed with more enhancement. Might be a different book that I'm getting it mixed up with but I think the protagonist was a teen girl who died in a road accident and her brain was preserved so that she could not physically die as her brain was just copied over to a new physical form over and over (I think she tried to commit suicide).


message 2: by Tab (new)

Tab (tabbrown) | 4967 comments Not quite the same cover, but Hybrids Hybrids by David Thorpe ?

What time period/location did the story take place?
Part of a series?
What country were you in when you read this book?

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Kristina Marie | 137 comments Skinned by Robin Wasserman has a teenage girl who dies in a road accident, and they copied her brain into a digital format. There are other books in the series, I haven't read them, but I think she meets up with others like her and they do thrill seeking things like you mentioned.

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Rowan | 85 comments Oh wow i think both of those are right! Yeah think I was mixing them up. Thankyou!

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