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One fall day in 1998 one of my roommates, Roni, brought home a treat -- Watermellon schnapps, Watermellon Frozen Yogurt, and a devious little book she discovered at a local "cigar shop" (they sold comic books, erotic magazines, and wine as well as cigars and pipe tobacco). It was a compilation of various horror fairy tales, some based on classic fairy tales, and others all their own creations.

Details: Book was published before 1999. (Likely from the 90's since it refernces Bill Clinton)

Also, this book was likely one of the first erotic horror anthologies, that set the template.

!!! WARNING! Adult Themes Ahead and SPOILERS !!!

Here is a list of some of the stories I remember from the book:

(These aren't the actual titles, just a way for me to describe the stories)

* The little mermaid: Instead of Eric being a prince, he is a handsome surfer who turns out to be chauvanist and an abuser. He treats her so badly she finally runs back to the sea and commits suicide. He gets his karma repaid tho.

* Cinderella: Cinderalla is actually a 90's gay dude and he wants to have sex with the head of the basketball team. He gets turned into a woman by the fairy (get it?) godmother and his wish comes true. As he is having sex with the sports player in his pickup truck, he turns into a man while the jock is inside him and then they become like siamese twins.

Those are the two I remember that were version of classic fairy tales. Some of the newish ones that were weird are this:

* Lion & Lamb: Every president gets one horrible vice forgiven when they serve in office. Bill Clinton's sick vice (in the story) was convincing mentally challenged teenagers that if the had sex with each other they would save the world, referring to a biblical verse about "the lion shall lay down with the lamb". He kills them in the end, Hillary and secret service know about it but are numb to it. He's played this out with other children as well. They all get killed in the end -- no witnesses, of course.

* Transexual addiction: It's the future and they've found a way to implant vaginas on your body. A man who wants to be a woman has the procedure, and then pretty much gets carried away. By the end of the story he vaginas all over his body.

* The Picarist: About a accupuncturist who likes to stab people with the needles, much like a scorpion.

Well, that's as much as I can remember.

Any help is appreciated.

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Hottest Blood, Jeff Gelb (1993)

Three stories that stand out to me are:

I Hear the Mermaids Singing
Genderella, and
Damaged Goods (the one about the lion and lamb

Awesome! It just took me posting this here to get an inspiration on where look and how to search. This link was tremendously helpful in chronicling the brief history of erotic horror short stories: http://www.darkecho.com/darkecho/web/...

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Rainbowheart | 16086 comments Glad you found it!

Hottest Blood for the link.

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Rosa (rosaiglarsh) | 4983 comments Someone else was looking for this book back in July. https://www.goodreads.com/topic/show/...
I read it. And I have to say, in defense of Clinton, the president in “Damaged Goods” is never named. That was one of the sickest stories I’ve ever read. What kind of person could have written something like that?

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