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Temple of the Dragonslayer (Dragonlance: The New Adventures, #1)
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Fantasy Book with about 9-15 books in the series. A girl wake up in the woods with no memories, meets a wizard and his son who try to help. Spoilers ahead. [s]

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Roxy Stiles (gummikins) THERE MAY BE SPOILERS!

The books were a golden-brown color and had drawn pictures. There were more than 7 books but no more than 16? It was fantasy base and most likely a children or teen book series. The ones I read were paperback.

I remember the series started with a girl waking up in the woods without any memories. (I believe her names starts with a N) She walks around for a bit before running into a old wizard with his son. The son takes the girl to a town to stock up for the journey, where she runs into a red-haired knight in training girl (around the same age, I believe they were teens)(this red haired knight is a important detail).

The Knight says something like "Are you sure you can trust him?" when the girl and boy start to leave, so the knight decides to join them. The boy is unhappy about it, says something to himself about ruining the plan.

They travel for a bit before they meet a elf boy. He's proficient in knife throwing and takes on a rouge like style. He's apparently a half breed between royal elves and non-royal elves, preferring his farther's side (non-royal).

I forget when but they meet a goblin-like man, who thinks he is a wizard but his species apparently is unable to have magic. I think his last name has the word "sun" in it?

They reach a field where they have to fight a dragon. The dragon spits out poison.

Most of this was from book one to two.

(More spoilers, in no order really)

The boy and elf become blood brothers; they both cut their hands and then shake.

The boy gives the goblin-man a magic ring (without telling him about the magic), which he tells him will give him luck. And the goblin-man thinks he has magic.

The girl begins to gain her memories back. She can talk to and summon dragons (a bronze dragon to be more specific), and has magic. Her eyes turn purple for a moment before turning back and her hair now has a purple stripe. Her hair turns more and more purple as she uses magic.
(Or maybe it was turning black with purple eyes? I don't quite remember)

The group travels through some mountain woods and are attack by a group of people, they are saved by a prince and his army. The prince takes them back to the castle. Prince and Redhair knight fall in love and go on a date, a beast appears and the prince gets stabbed in the chest. The knight puts him on her horse and rushes back to the castle, where his mother treats him. The mother treats the prince by sacrificing a villager girl, and bringing the prince back to life. (Major Spoilers Incoming) Everyone in the castle is actually dead and are ghosts. The prince is the only one "alive". They has been killing the villagers (who attacked the group) to attempt to bring the kingdom back to life. The group gets thrown in the dungeon so they cant escape because the prince needs a person with the "heart of a lion/griffon", who is the red haired knight. They plan on killing her, but the prince refuses. The mother asks why, he says something like "I could have a queen and a kingdom" (The memory girl has magic which she couldn't control killing lots of "zombies" in the dungeons).

(The main plot line; Spoilers below)
The wizard stole the girl's memory so that he could bring a evil sorceress back to life. He had been studying the sorceress and found out that before she was killed, she trapped her soul in a picture in her castle. The wizard needed a host so that he could set the sorceress free. He succeeds, and the girl begins to lose power of her body to the sorceress. The last few books are of the sorceress having control of her, and tricks the boy into thinking she is the same girl. (The girl and boy develop a thing for each other)

The boy is really the wizard's adopted son, who he stole from a man he turned into a werewolf. (Who they fight at one point, with the boy killing him. The werewolf turns back to normal and tells the boy who he really is, causing him to confront the wizard).

The sorceress has a minion who can shape shift (male).
At one point, the group get trapped in the wizard's castle and are stuck inside a room filled with magic mirrors. When you look into the mirrors, your body is frozen and the mirror takes your mind to another "dimension". The group's minds get sent to a arena where they fight the opposites of themselves. The elf and his other self fight with the other cutting off the elf's ear by two thirds. The get out of the trance by closing their eyes.
At one point before they figure it out, the girl is set free by herself by her sister. Her sister takes her down the hall and to a door with a dark room. She becomes suspicious of her sister (for her eyes are a brighter blue than from her memory), who laughs. The sister was a fake, the minion in disguise. The girl tries to escape but the minion turns into a feline and runs under her legs and then morphs so that the girl's torso is stuck in his back, he then carries her away.

Eventually, the sorceress takes full control of the girl's body. But she wants to be powerful like a dragon, so she summons one. The dragon follows the summon to a spooky woods and takes a break by some pretty spiderwebs. The spiderwebs are super strong and sticky and he gets trapped in them, the spiders start crawling on him and spit acid. He manages to get away and back to the summon. The sorceress then takes control of the dragon's mind and becomes the bronze dragon (who is the girl's friend).

Okay to recap the characters:
~~Girl loses her memory, her name might start with a N. She is around 15 and has a younger sister with blue eyes.
~~Boy finds and helps her, is the wizard's adopted son. He fights with a sword. Has either black or brown hair. Also a teen. He has a thing for the girl.
~~Elf boy is a half-blood, part royal/non. Fights with throwing knives. Refuses to use a bow. Becomes blood brothers with the boy. His sister meets with the boy at one point and have a conversion like "I made a blood pact with your brother, does that make you my sister?""No it doesn't work like that."
~~Red Haired female knight-in-training. Meets them around the beginning of the journey. She fights with a sword. Falls in love with a ghost prince. Is protective of the girl.
~~Goblin-like-creature thinks he is a wizard, but his species is unable to have magic. He's really short and usually wears a robe. He tries to help out (not very good at it). He believes in a prophecy that says one of his family members will become a powerful wizard. His last night has something to do with the sun, maybe something like "Sun-Catcher".
~~Old Wizard wants to bring back a dead sorceress he admires. Sorceress betrays him and goes on to ruin his plans, becoming the new villain. She becomes a dragon at one point.
~~Sister of girl. Has blue eyes, is younger than sister. Meets up with the group near the end? She also has a thing for the boy and tries to hang onto his arm, gets jealous about him.

I don't remember much else, but if I do think of something I will add it! Please post any books you think might be the one I'm talking about, I would really appreciate any help, and even if it's not the right one I still might find a lovely new book to read :)

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Roxy Stiles (gummikins) Yes! That is it! Thank you so much :)

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