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White, E. B. (1980). Charlotte's web. New York: Harper & Row.

Grades 2 &3

I will begin the lesson by discussing what the students can already infer about the story from the pictures. I will then introduce characterization and how it is the description and traits of a fictional character. I will then ask them a series of questions on why they think characterization is important for a story.

I will discuss previous readings from class and ask for the students to describe their favorite character without naming them. I will also draw on popular movies and show how characterization can help the audience determine who the villain and who the hero are. This will be done using youtube clips of villains and heros from various disney movies such as Ursula and Ariel from The Little Mermaid.

I will provide the students way on how to collect this information.
1. Tone of voice (High, low, deep, shrill, wispy etc)
2. Physical traits (Tall, fat, skinny, tan, pale)
o Emotional traits (Friendly, mean, kind, silly)
o Determine why the author may choose to use these traits for a specific character. (To make the characters more relatable, to make them more scary etc)

Have students work in groups to determine how the author uses characterization in Charlotte's Web. Each group will be given a character to describe and they must draw it as well as create a list of traits they think is the best way to describe the character. The students will then cover their picture and present it to the classroom. The rest of the class will try and see if they can guess which character they have.

Provide individual students with a copy of Charlotte's Web by E.B. White. Students will create their own chart for each character that we will add to as we read the story. At the end of each chapter I will review these sheets to determine the level of comprehension in the lesson.

Maria Allison Hi Kaitlyn. I think that it is really neat to have students create a chart for each character as they read that you can use to check on comprehension. I agree that Charlotte's Web is an excellent book for exploring characterization! Thanks for sharing your lesson.

Denise Turney This is one of my favorite childhood books. Reading Charlotte's Web made me feel like I was on a farm, although me and my family actually lived in the city. Wonderful story.

Tvisha Lade i totally agree because my teacher reads it to us almost everyday and I always wanted to go on a farm and see pigs and all types of animals. and it truly about friendship which I love. too bad too sad she dies.

Nicolas it is not as good as the movie

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