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The Sequel

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message 1: by *Michelle* (new) - added it

*Michelle* I went on Jenny's website and saw that the title for the sequel is THE SUMMER WITHOUT YOU. I can't wait to read it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Madeline when does it come out

message 3: by *Michelle* (new) - added it

*Michelle* April 27, 2010

Maggie i cant wait. I hope belly sticks to conrad :)

message 5: by *Michelle* (new) - added it

*Michelle* I hope so too!!! But Jerimiah is a realy nice guy!!! I call him!!!!!!!!

message 6: by Pj (new) - added it

Pj personally i hat conrad! im srry! hes just such a jerk! but jerimiah is so sweet and kind and u know he rlly loves her ( key charm)! he would never b so mean 2 belly like conrad has!

Madeline Plus Conrads to old for belly hello fifteen and eighteen wouldn't that be illegal and poor sextus/I forgot his other name. I feel so bad for him. What about Steve what is he supposed to do watch his guy versions of Bffls turn into idiots over a girl.

Madeline espesially his sister

message 9: by *Michelle* (new) - added it

*Michelle* too late. lolz. But I really like Conrad, sure he plays hard to get, but he's really nice and now he will treat Belly right.

Madeline he still seams edgy to me

message 11: by *Michelle* (new) - added it

*Michelle* hehe. he did to me, but I like him now!

Maggie So true :) I loved Jeremiah too.
Hahahahaha I felt so bad for sextus, she totally ignored him when he

Madeline what is his real name i leant the book to my friend so I can't check it

message 14: by Jess (new) - rated it 4 stars

Jess His name is Cam Cameron.

message 15: by *Michelle* (new) - added it

*Michelle* yupp. I was actually kinda rooting for him in the book because even though she didn't really like him, he liked her and actually did something about it and treated her right.

message 16: by Carson (new) - added it

Carson Thats not his name, its when they are at the karaoke and Jeremiah asks his name and he says Cam. Then he says he real name Cameron, but Jeremiah thinks his name is Cam Cameron.

Maggie I read a spoiler that might ruin everything we read in the first part :(

message 18: by Suzy (new) - rated it 4 stars

Suzy i loved this book so much!!!!!!! im sorry but i hatethe idea of belly and conrad. he's such a jerk!!! i love jeremiah, he sounds perfect.

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