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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Fiction- Something to do with a white girl in the south being helped by a young black man to pick a peaches off a tree...

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Amanda Hendrix | 1 comments I read this book in middle school, and I remember getting it from my school library and the librarian had to talk with my reading teacher to make sure i was mature enough to read it, so it may not be considered YA or teen, but may be. I was in middle school between 99 and 2002 or something like that, I feel it was a newer book. What I remember- the cover- it had a white picket fence and blue background, maybe a tree. From what I recall in the book, which isn't much. It was about racial tensions in the south, and a white girl that innocently didn't understand that she couldn't have a friendship or interaction with the black boy in town without repercussions. Something about them taking photos, maybe she took pictures of him? And he helped her pick fruit from a tree maybe and people saw and it became a whole big deal. Or they kissed and something happened. I only vaguely remember the story, so sorry. My details are off, so if you have any idea of what the book may be, please feel free to reply even with something that isn't quite matching my exact description! Maybe the girl was poor or from a trashier side of town so she didn't understand the relationship between races all that well. Any help would be appreciated, I've attempted to figure out what this book is for years!

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Rachel | 9 comments Summer of My German Soldier

I know it's a long shot, but I figured I would add it.

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Caroline Bennett | 72 comments Could it possibly be The Secret Life of Bees? If you only dipped into it, a peach farm, a black boy and a white girl might be the bits that stick in your mind. In that the main character grows up on a peach farm and there is a scene similar, but not identical to the one you describe.

It was first published in 2001, so fits within your time frame. There are loads of editions, you could look through and see if any of the covers match what you remember.

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