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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Fantasy book, called or includes "Dulcinea's Harp". [s]

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Teresa (hydrolagus) | 89 comments I read a fantasy book two or more decades ago that I thought was called Dulcinea's Harp. There doesn't seem to be any book called that so I suspect that the phrase was an element within the book rather than the title. What I remember (or think I do): pivotal action that took place in a rocky desert-like region, a woman whose homeliness related to the plot. My memory of the feel is of something like Diana Wynne Jones' NA books like Hexwood and Fire & Hemlock, or maybe R. A. MacAvoy. I remember that something about it disturbed me at the time and I'm curious to revisit it.

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message 3: by Teresa (new)

Teresa (hydrolagus) | 89 comments Ooh! That looks like it might be it! The county library has it, so I'll find out and report back.

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Teresa (hydrolagus) | 89 comments It's definitely familiar and I can see how the ending might have left me unsettled as a child. I think my memory is mashing bits of another book into it, but I think we can call this solved!

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