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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Y/A book about girl whose aunt and mom get into car wreck due to black ice, aunt dies. [s]

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Rachel Tiebauer (racheltiebauer) | 2 comments This is a book I read in the early 2000s that was published around that time. The cover is bright, purple or pink. Within the first two chapters, the main character (a middle school aged girl)'s mom and aunt get into a car wreck, they spun out on black ice. They were on the way to a theater and the aunt wanted the girl to go, but the girl had to study for a test. And that scene I can nearly quote word for word: the night of the car wreck, the aunt is getting ready to leave, and she twirls the girl's ponytail and asks if she's sure she doesn't want to go. And the girl says, no, I have to study, and the narratove added," for a test I didn't wind up having because, you know."
Anyway the family travels a few minths after the funeral when everyone's still pretty depressed. They go to Europe to a yellow, small house and the girl sees her mom staring at the house's phone longingly, because she wanted to call her sister.
That's all I remeber. I didn't finish if, but it was really vividly written (obviously, because it's been 10+ years and I remember whole scenes).
I've fruitlessly scoured online and annual reading lists. If you find this book, I'll be forever indebted!

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Rachel Tiebauer (racheltiebauer) | 2 comments SOLVED! Thank you. Wow you are incredible!!

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