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Bang Bang Books Bang by Barry Lyga squeaked out in the lead by one vote.

Did you enjoy Bang? Do you think it is Printz worthy? Why or why not?

Molly Dettmann (mollydett) I didn't mind it but it felt like 3 separate stories to me. You had him dealing with killing his sister, pizza making, and then conclusion with him and his dad. It was such an interesting premise, but the pizza stuff really took me out of it. It just felt very pieced together.

message 3: by Sean (last edited Jun 09, 2017 03:17PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Sean Dowie | 10 comments I also felt like the pizza part could've been handled better. I appreciated how delicious the pizzas sounded, and they gave the book a well-needed dose of levity, but I think there was a way for Sebastian to get closer to Aneesa without stalling the plot.

Aneesa was handled well. I loved the way the book addressed Islamophobia and how she aided Sebastian into having an epiphany and start changing without being a ditsy romance with unrelenting devotion for him.

The book really hit its stride in the last quarter, once it completely abandoned the pizza-making and fully focused on Sebastian's anger and distress. The vulnerability and revelations about Sebastian's father and mother were really raw and authentic, never forced or manipulative. The twist about the father brilliantly revealed why he wasn't in the picture for the first chunk of the book. Revealing more about him would've made the twist obvious.

I'm not really a fan of books that end with an essay stating what the character's learned because they're generally really sappy, but Sebastian's takeaway worked because everything wasn't resolved and happily-ever-after. The journey he took in the book made him grow and start to unburden himself without things being completely serene. With major trauma, there will always be a lingering burden, no matter how many eye-opening conversations and lifelong friendships you make later in life.

Reving | 53 comments I really, really thought this book was great. I really did. I see your points, totally, but man, I think this is best one so far this year. I am still struggling through May's book, but that's just me b/c I am not a fantasy/alternative world kinda person, but I loved this one.

Robyn (robyn_bravi) This is a tough one. I think Bang or A List of Cages will get some Printz attention. Possibly honor books? They both depict teen boys dealing with heavy issues which I think will resonate with a lot of teens not just boys. I'm not crazy about the adults in either book, but compared to the other books we've looked at I think these two have the best chance. Expect for The Hate U Give. I still think that one will win the Printz.

Briony | 50 comments Mod
I might be in the minority here for this one. I normally LOVE Barry Lyga's books, but I could not get into this one. I wasn't connecting with the characters, and I felt like the plot was very melodramatic. I ended up skimming the last part of the book.

Christina (missfabularian) | 12 comments Ok. This was a good book for me, but not a Printz winner. My review is here:

Maureen (mhsquier) | 79 comments I love Lyga's writing, which is sharp and smart (kind of like his characters). He tackles two really complex issues (racism and guns) without being preachy. I'm just not sure if this is literary excellence, I think honor book at best.

Bang Bang Books First let me begin by saying that this book was fine and I REALLY liked the I Hunt Killer Series so I'm a fan of Lyga. With that being said, I do not think this is a Printz winner or honor contender.

Although the person who was killed was different than the norm, his grieving process lacked nuance. He holds back in therapy, he doesn't communicate with his mother, he finds a reason to live and the clincher-it was predictable. You know that at some point Aneesa was going to turn him down and he was going to spiral. I don't think Printz books should be predictable.

The characters were a bit too underdeveloped. Because of I Hunt Killer, I know Lyga is capable of writing fantastic characters but I felt Aneesa and especially Evan were extremely flat. All I know about Aneesa is that she bi-racial, she's Muslim, and she's kinda funny. All I know about Evan is that he's wealthy and his parents are a**holes. There needs to be more.

The writing was fine but it wasn't beautiful which I believe sets books apart. And that ending was wrapped up in a pretty little bow.

History is All You Left Me by Silvera and Goodbye Days by Zentner were far better books about grief.

Christina (missfabularian) | 12 comments Loved all of this Dawn. I agree. This wasn't a bad book, but it is predictable. This book has a lot of potential, but I don't think it'll be a winner either.

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