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June | 38 comments Here is my varied reads for mystery, crime and thriller. Since I'm joining late it would be difficult to put down a tbr. As I often read this genre will just record the books I do read for this year.

To date: 16/16

Part 2: The Library Book edition

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June | 38 comments Joining this late but so far this year :

The Loyal Servant (Angela Tate Investigations #1) by Eva Hudson - English political thriller set in London. Gave 3* rating.
Got this for free from Amazon.

Purified by Brian Robert Smith - another freebie from Amazon. This is another thriller but a sorta zombie/medical thriller. Was not a fan. Rated it 2*

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June | 38 comments February : An Ode to Agatha Christie

The Monogram Murders by Sophie Hannah - whilst Poirot is more tolerable here, it wasn't Agatha Christie. Hannah did write okay and I would try to read one of her psychological thrillers though.Rated 3*

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Bill | 5390 comments Mod
You're never too late.. :)

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June | 38 comments March
The Hidden Child (Patrik Hedström, #5) by Camilla Läckberg : a translated Scandiavian crime novel. Obtained from my library
As expected this was dark but it was an intriguing read. First time reading Camilla Lackberg. Rated :3*

The Woman on the Orient Express by Lindsay Jayne Ashford - obtained from NetGalley for free. The cover and the blurb hooked me. It deals with Agatha Christie as the protagonist traveling on the Orient Express. Rating 4*

The Shape of Water (Commissario Montalbano, #1) by Andrea Camilleri - another translated crime novel. This one is from Sicily and the morally gray MC - Inspector Montalbano. A bit rough but I bought the next two book in the series when it was a deal on iTunes. Rated 3*

The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins - freebie on Amazon. And a classic I have wanted to read for a while. The highlight of this was Gabriel Betteredge.A bit wordy but I had read The Woman in White so was prepared. Rated 4*

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June | 38 comments May
The Curious Incident of the Dog In the Night-time by Mark Haddon - bought this earlier this year given the rave reviews. The detective here has Asperger's syndrome. Not much of a mystery though. Rated 3.5*

The Bat (Harry Hole, #1) by Jo Nesbø my first time reading Jo Nesbo famous cop- Harry Hole. Mixed feeling about this one. Liked the beginning but when he spins down, was not a fan of Harry. Will be continuing however. Rated 2.5*

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June | 38 comments Planned reads for the summer:
Wanted by Nick Stephenson Submerged (Alaskan Courage, #1) by Dani Pettrey A Matter of Trust (Mia Quinn, #1) by Lis Wiehl The One You Love (Emma Holden Suspense Mystery, #1) by Paul Pilkington Whose Body? (Lord Peter Wimsey, #1) by Dorothy L. Sayers

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Skye | 2105 comments I am lost. Are we supposed to list the books we've read since January ( in this genre)?

message 9: by June (new)

June | 38 comments I thought so. In another group you can set out the books you intend to read with 4 alternatives. If that is not the case, sorry for the confusion.

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Skye | 2105 comments Thanks, June: I usually follow the Challenges and botm for this group.

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Bill | 5390 comments Mod
We don't have a specific challenge. It's open for each person to pick what they wish to do. I'm in another group that has the 12 + 4 also, but there they also have an Individual Challenge section where you can challenge yourself in any other way.. such as alphabetical challenges, Around the World, etc..

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Skye | 2105 comments Thanks for clarifying, Bill; I have just been following yours and Nancy's challenges.

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June | 38 comments June reads

Whose Body? (Lord Peter Wimsey, #1) by Dorothy L. Sayers - Golden age mystery. This is more character driven than a whodunit. Not as intricate as Agatha Christie and it took a while to get into the way Peter Wimsey speaks. Rated 3*

Death by Marriage (Caribbean Murder, #3) by Jaden Skye - light read. More upset that it is supposed to be based in Caribbean but it is so inaccurate. And I figured out who committed the murder before the reveal and the tension between the main characters was meh. Rated 2*

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Bill | 5390 comments Mod
The Wimsey books are worth reading. I've read a few now and have enjoyed.

message 15: by June (new)

June | 38 comments I will be continuing the Wimsey series since it seems to be so loved. Plus I have the next two in the series as part of an omnibus and book 5 was spotted at the library.

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June | 38 comments July Reads

Wanted by Nick Stephenson - light read and just what I needed over the weekend. Had some plot holes though. May read to see if it improves.

A Matter of Trust (Mia Quinn, #1) by Lis Wiehl - pleasantly surprised by this first book in a series.Characters were well fleshed out. Really like Mia and Charlie. And busted some myths from TV series like CSI.

Mr. Mercedes (Bill Hodges Trilogy, #1) by Stephen King - I know this is one of the more controversial King writings. This is more of a psychological thriller as you are told who the villain is from the onset. Brady is very stereotypical. Interested to read book 2.

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June | 38 comments I will likely be finishing this challenge of 12+4 in August 2017. So after my last two picks from above: The One You Love (Emma Holden Suspense Mystery, #1) by Paul Pilkington and Submerged (Alaskan Courage, #1) by Dani Pettrey

Will be looking to do the library book 12 challenge edition of this challenge.

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June | 38 comments August reads:

The One You Love (Emma Holden Suspense Mystery, #1) by Paul Pilkington : underwhelming read. The synposis was a red herring and I found the narrative very unbelievable. Rated 2*.

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June | 38 comments LIBRARY BOOKS 12 Challenge - August- December 2017

The Kill Artist by Daniel Silva - Gabriel Allon #1- a bit dated but gave a decent look at Gabriel Allon. I ended up delaying to read the next one in the library. And currently not all that excited to get to the next book at present.

Faceless Killers (Wallander, #1) by Henning Mankell - the average Swedish crime noir. Engaging while reading but mixed review on the protagonist.

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June | 38 comments Submerged (Alaskan Courage, #1) by Dani Pettrey - finally got around to reading this one. So I have completed my original goal of 12+4.
This is more of a Christian thriller with romance. The mystery ended up being a secondary issue here and to be honest I was a little disappointed with the link to Russian history. The romance was predictable and rushed near the end. It was an okay read.

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June | 38 comments Library book edition

] Eye of the Needle by Ken Follett - not my favorite Follett book. Felt this was predictable and dated. The gem is in the characters here, with all their gray spots. But I felt die Nadel seemed to act out of character at the end.

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June | 38 comments I will not be reading anymore Library thrillers this year. I’m glad I tried some newer authors and will be looking to read other authors in 2018. So will likely pick up the library edition and experiment with some series.

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