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T.A. Sorsby (ta_sorsby) | 4 comments Hello all,

I recently published my first novel via Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, and after getting a lot of positive reviews from friends, family, friends-of-friends and so on, I'm looking to get reviewed by people without any bias. As much as I told people to be honest, you can never be sure. I know one of my 5-star reviews so far is from a total stranger and that was simply the best feeling. To be clear though, I'm not just looking for 5-stars, I'm looking for proper reviewers, and hope to earn your 5-stars :)

Left Behind is an action/horror story, set against the backdrop of a fictional but easily relatable modern world. Told from the perspective of the group's would-be leader, it focuses on the personal story of several friends and neighbours in a city stricken by an apocalyptic plague, turning living people into walking corpses.

The characters are savvier than the average horror movie cast, and use this genre-awareness to make plenty of commentary on Apocalyptic Fiction as their story progresses from cautious ignorance of the rising pandemic, to a desperate bid to escape their doomed city. While the Zombie Apocalypse might be a familiar setting, I hope I've done something unique with it. No spoilers.

I have a link to the opening five chapters (and a bit of the sixth, it's just where the Amazon Previewer goes up to).

If you liked it and would be interested in reviewing the whole thing, there are a couple of ways we can go about it. It'd be great if you'd buy it on Amazon for 99p (or your country's equivalent) because then a review on Amazon would have the "verified purchase" note. However, I'm begging for reviewers, not 35p royalties! :p

So the main way to request a review copy would be to drop me a message with your preferred email address and format, and I'll send you the MOBI or HTML so you can upload it to your eReaders.

Here's all my social media and whatnot if people want to get in touch that way instead:

Thanks everyone, hope to hear from you soon.

Kady Monroe | 5 comments Good luck with the book :)

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