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Cordelianne | 192 comments Mod
Have you read this series? If so what did you think of it? Where the 4th and 5th book unnecessary in your opinion or did you think they were a good addition?

Ilsen Leon | 768 comments Mod
I have read the series and when I finished it, I put it on a high pedestal as you can see by my ratings. But there are some flaws. Personally I loved the 4th and 5th book even though Eadlyn is a spoiled brat but she gets better throughout the book and it's fun to see where the old characters pop up in the future and how everything fits. My favorite from the original will have to be The One because everything wraps up so nicely and from the two additional one, The Crown because there is a twist that you don't see coming. In terms of America and Maxon's story, the two books are unnecessary but I like to see their future because it just as intrigues me as the other books. My least favorite will have to be The Elite. My god she was annoying in the Elite.

Cordelianne | 192 comments Mod
Hahaha same, my least favorite is The Elite as well, it was so slow in the beginning and I was hating America so hard. The one is indeed awesome. I love how in The One everything ends up so perfect. The book have some undeniable flaws, but overall it is such a fun and lighthearted series. You just got to love it. It is indeed fun to see how the characters continue, but I prefer the original three books!

Ilsen Leon | 768 comments Mod
I can understand that. The original three books are pretty good. A lot of people don't like the additional two. But I personally like it.

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Tal Heyman | 43 comments I love this series because of the romance. I like the first half better than the second half, and the history behind the creation of how everything started was really interesting. I didn't like the part where America threw herself on Maxon. My favorite book was the first one, but my all time favorite scene was the last couple of chapters in the third book when (view spoiler)

Ilsen Leon | 768 comments Mod

OMG THE THIRD BOOK. It hit me all in the feels. I love that scene too because they realized they loved each other! (view spoiler) I think my least favorite has to be The Elite because almost nothing is going on and she keeps going back and forth with Aspen and Maxon. By the way, does anyone do not like Aspen? I personally did not like him because he is stupid! (view spoiler)

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