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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. A girl lived in the sky on some type of balloon homes, got around using ropes? [s]

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message 1: by Katherine (new)

Katherine Veach | 10 comments I remember reading this book a while back and I remember really liking it, it was a young adult book. I don't remember much of the details from the book but I do remember that there were two main characters, a boy and a girl. I'm pretty sure the girl lived in the sky on hot air balloon type things and they got around from balloon to balloon using ropes. I feel like there was some type of underground fighting or something with robots. I'd love to read the book again and see if there were more than one book I just can't remember the name of it. Help!

message 2: by SBC (new)

SBC (essbeecee) | 856 comments Maybe Magonia by Maria Healey?

message 3: by SBC (new)

SBC (essbeecee) | 856 comments Sorry, my autocorrect changed the author name. Surname is Headley

message 5: by Katherine (new)

Katherine Veach | 10 comments Yes, it's the sky village! Thank you

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