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Angelina Ramanava It is more like a game.
You have to answer the question asked before yours and then also ask another would you rather question.
I will start.
Would you rather marry king Clarkson or be punished like Marlee because of love?
I hope you enjoy and hopefully will take part.

Gabriela I would be punished like Marlee. Honestly, I would do almost anything for the kind of love Marlee has.

My turn! If you could only keep one of these people alive, would you rather save May Singer or Queen Amberley?

Cassie    'The Thinker Go Go Go Go' Mis. Roben Goodfellow'\Isabelle Lightwood May Singer only because I know what that would do to America if she died.

Would you rather fall in love with Maxon but get let go or would you rather love someone like Carter (I think that was his name) but hardly get to see them because of work or anything else?

Gabriela That's hard. I think I would have to fall in love with someone like Carter and not get to see him because of work because then I would still have him instead of being in love and not having it.

Would you rather marry Aspen for true love and be an eight (it goes to eight right? It's been a long time since i read the series) or marry Maxon to be a one but Maxon is a jerk?

Madeline I would rather marry Aspen, especially if i loved him. And one of the many things i love about Maxon is that he is so sweet so what's the point if he's a jerk?

Would you rather be treated like Maxon was when his father whipped him or have to through what Marlee had to do for her punishment?

Bookish__fangirl I think I would rather be punished like Marlee because then I get to be with the person I love, but being whipped then I have to be a

Would you rather be a selected in the selection like America or choose from the selected (don't remember if there's a name for that) like Maxon and Eadlyn?

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Mar Okay it is not that difficult. I think i would rather choose (like Maxon), so there will be a lot of hot guys beggin for my attention xD.

Would you rather be able to be with Maxon just once a year (talk, spend the day, etc) or be able to see him everyday but he cant see you?

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Tay I would see him once a year because it's just creepy to watch him 24/7 lol.

Would you rather America marry Aspen and Maxon never was in her life or America die in a rebel attack but she still go to be will Maxon before?

Barker101 America should die with Maxon by her side. I know questions like this get a lot of controversy but... whatever. 😉

Would you rather only be able to love in secret (like America and Aspen) but have it be true love or marry a prince like Maxon when you've never met him before?

Cassie    'The Thinker Go Go Go Go' Mis. Roben Goodfellow'\Isabelle Lightwood I think I'd rather marry a Prince like Maxon even if I've never meet him before, only because I think that after so long the whole thing with it being a secret would become a strain. Always meeting in secret, never being able to tell anyone that you're in love with someone, because of his\her rank. Then that would cause problems between them and you would only end up breaking up with each other. Most likely. At least if you marry someone you hardly know theirs room to form who you are together, and eventually come to love each other as well. Again most likely.

Would you rather die in the arms of the person you love, or watch them die or get hurt in some way.

Janneke I'd rather be in love with Maxon. I don't like the thought of being happy and in love but keeping it a secret. Also Maxon is great and Aspen is a fool so easy choice.

Would you rather grow up in a palace with an awful dad and a sweet mum like Maxon or grow up as a 6 with a loving but poor and hungry family like Aspen?

Danny Greencross Grow up as a 6 with a loving family...I love Aspen's sisters!

Would you rather fall in love with Aspen, live happily, and never get to know Maxon or never meet Aspen and attend the Selection having never dated before?

Cassie    'The Thinker Go Go Go Go' Mis. Roben Goodfellow'\Isabelle Lightwood Love Aspen and live happily. Seeing as if I were to attend The Selection with no previous experience I'd most likely either make a fool of myself. Or say\do something that would get me kicked out.

Would you rather... have Celeste as a sister or as a best friend?

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AlwaysGlo A best friend, if she was my sister I feel I would be constantly compared to her, but as my friend we can still have a lot of fun together with our own individual personalities.

Would you rather be friends with Marlee or May?

Harry Slaughter Marlee
Would you rather be a five or a one ( when they still had the cast system)

Janneke I'd rather be a one, just because I know it can get quite tough being a five in Illea. I wouldn't like to know how it feels when you have to give up electricity in order to be able to buy food.

Would you rather make it to the Elite or be kicked out of the Selection as one of the first girls?

Temafa89 Be kicked out as one of the first girls and not have to go through all the drama. You still get two move up a few castes.

Would rather live with the castes and be in a caste that let you do something you loved or live after the castes were gone and everyone was just getting used to having more freedom?

Janneke I might rather live in the castesystem than just after they were gone, because that was chaos.

Would you rather wonder why you didn't get any presents for Christmas (like May) or have to explain your younger sibling why there aren't any presents for Christmas (like America)?

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Sarvenaz wonder why I didn't get any presents for Christmas

would you rather marry Maxon and let him sacrifice himself for you or marry Aspen and die in his arms?

Janneke I'd rather marry Aspen. Although I definetely prefer Maxon over Aspen, I think it would be easier to die myself than to see the one I love most die.

Would you rather be Northern rebel and be put in prison (because they found out you were a rebel) or be a Southern rebel but never be discovered?

Barker101 I would rather be a Northern Rebel. I would actually turn myself in and maybe be let out early to live a better life.

Would you rather be killed in a rebel attack or be an eight for your entire life?

Anastasia Shain I'd rather be an eight for all my life.

Would you rather be a Southern Rebel or America's maid?

Barker101 I would rather be America's maid. She is really nice and friendly, and at least you get to live a decent life.

Would you rather marry someone you have never met before but be promised a good life or marry for love and know you will have a very challenging life?

Sarvenaz Definitely option two.

Be an outcast or a maid?

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Anna A maid. (But I would be a badass too because... well why not?)

Would you rather be born royalty or marry into royalty?

Barker101 I would rather be born into royalty. Even though it seems hard, at least you know you have support and a good life ahead of you.

Would you rather be a selected or the selector?

Janneke I'd rather be selected, it seems super stressfull to choose your future partner from 35 people.

Would you rather have a father like America (and have him die when you are young) or have a father like Maxon (but have him by your side to see your own children grow up - remember Maxon did love his dad)?

Gabriela I would rather have a dad like America. Just thinking about Maxon's dad irritates me.

Would you rather marry Eikko (sorry, I probably didn't spell that right) or Maxon?

Nancy  Drew Maxon.

Would you rather be beaten (like Marlee) but never see your love again, and you or your love would never be the safe, or be killed so your love was safe forever?

Barker101 I would be loved and never be safe. As bad as it sounds, I believe strong love can conquer anything.

Nancy  Drew What's ur would u rather?????

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A Umm, I will guess I just start with a answer to Nancy's.

I would pick killed so your love was safe forever because I would care more about the one I love than about my own health. I would risk my life any day.

Would you rather be an Italian(without a caste) or an Ileá citizen that was a One

Nancy  Drew A one.

Would u rather lose ur mother or father? ( if u had America's parents)

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A This is really hard, but I think I will go with Mom

Would you rather be in Marlee's position or Carter's (Officer Woodwork's) for the punishment?

Nancy  Drew Ummmm, Marlee's, only because it's my hands, if it were my back doing anything would hurt.

Would u rather marry Aspen and be poor, or marry Maxon and be rich

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A Marry Aspen and be poor all the way

Would you rather be a six forced to marry prince Maxon, or marry the person u love who is an eight

Nancy  Drew What if I lived Maxon????

Nancy  Drew *loved

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A Than you have your answers

Nancy  Drew Would u rather see ur loved one being killed or have ur loved one watch u being killed?????

Jimena Bautista Have my loved one watch me being killed.
Would you rather marry Maxon or Aspen?

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A Aspen

Would you rather be married to Celeste or Maxon's father?

Alexandria Balboa celeste
would you rather be a made or cook?

Nancy  Drew Celeste

Would you rather be married into royalty or born into royalty???

Nancy  Drew Maid

Would you rather be married into royalty or born into royalty????

Alexandria Balboa married into royalty

would you rather have red hair or blonde?

Jimena Bautista Blond hair
Would you rather marry Marlee or America?

Nancy  Drew America

Would you rather marry Lucy or Marlee?

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