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message 1: by kaya (new)

kaya (ananats) | 225 comments Mod
i am looking for 1-2 more moderators to help me with a) making roleplay threads and b) approving characters.
to apply, fill out the application below.

name ;
why you should be a moderator ;
html skill level ; this is necessary because generally roleplay threads require you to be able to blockquote, bold, and insert images. please include things you can do, and/or a link to a sample ( character templates are good for that )

message 2: by mels (new)

mels (padmeskywalkers) | 42 comments
name ; melina, but most people call me mels or meli. so often, apparently, that they forget my name and name characters after me accidentally (low key throwing shade at shad)
why you should be a moderator ; you seem to be p busy at the moment what with running the whole group yourself and I'd like to help out! I've been a mod in tons of groups before and I'm super good at organizing things so yeah. if you need me, I'd love to give you a hand with keeping this group active and organized and stuff.
html skill level ; i mean I know how to do all the "some html is okay" stuff with ease, and I've been making characters for years, so yeah! here's a character of mine so you can check out my template and stuff.

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