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message 1: by Lesley (new)

Lesley | 1568 comments This year we will have 2 books per month to choose from. The books are selected through Randomizer.

If you intend reading either, or both, of the books selected this time, please indicate your interest and add your thoughts/discussion here.

If authors of these books would like to provide some background or information of interest to the reader, lead a discussion, or contribute in anyway, please feel free to do so.

A Forgotten Sky by Anya Forest
A Forgotten Sky by Anya Forest

Confessions of Innocence by L.S. May
Confessions of Innocence (Innocence Cooper #1) by L.S. May

message 2: by P.D.R. (new)

P.D.R. Lindsay (pdrlindsay) | 1636 comments Oh dear. Not my favourite genres for reading but I will try.

message 3: by OBooko (new)

OBooko | 1 comments Thanks for share your books, Let me review them.

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