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message 1: by JadeShea (last edited Mar 13, 2017 06:50AM) (new)

JadeShea Nominate at least one book for April Group read! We need more options!

message 2: by Betty (new)

Betty | 139 comments Mod
I will nominate A Year of Marvellous Ways by Sarah Winman

message 3: by Mint (last edited Mar 31, 2017 03:26AM) (new)

Mint Tea (mintchunchun) | 22 comments I nominate Hunted by Meagan Spooner :)

message 4: by Sara (new)

Sara | 246 comments Mod
I'll second "hunted"! I just got that in my uppercase box.

message 5: by JadeShea (new)

JadeShea I don't think I've heard of Hunted before, so I'm excited!

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